Kenya Green Supply

Ambassador: Kevin Musila and Marielle Fillit , Kenya

Kenya Green Supply (KGS) founded by Kevin Musila and Marielle Fillit in 2013, produces and distributes sustainable solar-powered energy units called GreenKits to Kenyan households unable to connect to the national grid. In 2015, Lighting Africa states 75% of people are not connected to the grid and in rural Kenya it costs 15,000 Kenyan Shillings (KES) ($144.64) or the equivalent of an average month’s wages in Kenya to connect. Thereafter monthly bills average 1032 KES ($10) KGS’s home solar system only costs $150, provides 20–30 watts, of AC and/or DC electricity, has a 12-month warranty and provides KGS with $20 to $30 profit. There is a delivery charge, which varies from $2–10 depending on the customer’s proximity to a depot. To date, 150 kits have been supplied, ten to small businesses. The kits have directly impacted over 660 people with lighting and power for the average family home of 4.4 people. KGS has 200 orders which should be distributed by the end of 2015, directly impacting a further 880 people. The most widely used alternative energy sources are kerosene and biomass fuels. Kerosene costs $115 or 10% of yearly household income. Charging a mobile phone at charging stations costs up to 30.96 KES ($0.30) in rural areas. By investing in a solar powered kit, the cost savings can pay for food, school fees or creating businesses. Reducing kerosene use also benefits consumers’ health and the environment.