One Million Youths for Mexico


This year we are launching a great initiative: One Million Youths for Mexico because we the youths represent 40% of the population, but 100% of the country’s future.

This is an entirely citizen-driven, unpartisan and independent initiative that invites Mexico’s youths to work together in the country’s transformation.

We seek to generate a citizen’s muscle that has the power to work with different organizations, universities, academics and specialist in various topics in order to propose an Agenda of Liberty and Co-Responsibility in which any citizen may contribute his ideas.

This agenda is based in five strategic axes:

(1) Security and Rule of Law,

(2) Education,

(3) Economic Development and Sustainability,

(4) Social Cohesion,

(5) Civil Society.

The agenda seeks to enliven the conscience of Mexicans so that each one of us, independently of his activity or profession, does his part. Therefore, each topic is explained in the following manner: From one side we express what we demand from government, but more importantly, we as citizens commit to do our share.

Our goal is that the next government, no matter which party it may be, subscribes to this citizen agenda. One million youth for México will be the mechanism that enables youth and the involved organizations to hold government officials - the president and its cabinet, representatives and senators, as well as local governments - accountable for their actions. Each axe of the agenda has indicators that will allow the evaluation of progress.

Last updated: 1 January 1970

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