Unilever Pakistan Clean Energy

Ambassador: Umar Nawarish Ali , Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the lowest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions but is among the top ten most vulnerable countries to global warming. As part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan Umar Nawazish Ali and his team decided to re-engineer the factory he works in to be clean energy dependent.

To date they have converted the factory to use 85% clean energy. By commissioning a biomass boiler, to convert steam to green energy, replacing electric chillers with absorption chillers which use steam energy and installing 200 kW solar power grid, CO2 emissions have reduced by 60%, or 3,500 tonnes of CO2 a year whilst increasing factory output. Utility costs have reduced by 30% and electricity consumption from the national grid has reduced by 25% – returning enough electricity to power 700 homes in a country where electricity is in short supply. The installation of a biomass boiler also provides a new, sustainable source of income worth $330,000 to the local farming community who provide the corn cobs to fuel the boiler.