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5 Days to go! Advice from a Returning Ambassador

The Coordinating Ambassador for London and South East England advises on how delegates can make the most out of their Summit experience.

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One Young World London - Impossible to Ignore on World Refugee Day

One Young World Coordinating Ambassador Charlie Oliver discusses a community collaboration to mark World Refugee Day.

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How capitalism can evolve

Paul Lindley, CEO of Ella's Kitchen, spoke to One Young World London's Ambassador community about the influence of business.

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Raised Stakes at One Young World 2015

Charlie Oliver on why our world needs leadership in the face of adversity

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The Thing About Corporate Citizenship

'To be great corporate citizens today, companies need to collaborate.'

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The Impact of One Young World

This Summit will offer you an experience you won't find anywhere else.

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Another Global Trend For 2014: Youth Unemployment Will Remain High

Ambassador from the UK, Charlie Oliver on the continuing trend of high youth unemployment.


January is the month that media outlets around the world predict the next big thing and showcase the newest trends, from exercise techniques to technology.

Sadly, one trend that will continue this year from last will be that youth unemployment will remain high. It should therefore still be considered a crisis by policymakers and businesses in Europe, where one in four young people were jobless in 2013.

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Gen Y Can Influence Change in Leadership and Governance

Ambassador from UK, Charlie Oliver on the Leadership and Government Plenary Session at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Leadership and Government was one of the six topics we discussed at last month’s One Young World Summit in Johannesburg. It was arguably the most important Plenary because it showed that many of the other issues we discussed like youth unemployment, the absence of human rights and inadequate education were really the consequence, in the words of Sir Bob Geldof, of “a chronic lack of leadership.”

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Young Entrepreneurs Drive Solution To Youth Unemployment Crisis

UK Ambassador Charlie Oliver on the Youth Unemployment Plenary Session at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One Young World’s delegates of 2013 voted overwhelmingly to include youth unemployment as one of the six plenary topics discussed at this year’s Summit in Johannesburg. Delegate speakers from the UK, France, Burundi, China, Nigeria and Turkey all showcased entrepreneurial initiatives and models that have been successful in lowering youth unemployment.

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A Shared Plan To Tackle Youth Unemployment

Delegate Charlie Oliver on what needs to be done to tackle youth unememployment.

We all accept that youth unemployment is too high. Where I live, in the UK, the total number of young people, aged 16-24, that are unemployed increased 9,000 according to government figures released on Wednesday 11 September, totalling close to 1 million.

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