Guillermo Gonzales

Former Chief of Staff to President Alejandro Toledo of Peru

Former Ambassador of  Perú in Honduras , with and important experience  in the organization of  global networks and in international politics and  the promotion of democracy.He has been advisor at the Peruvian Congress and the Peruvian Presidential Office in human rights. As well as Chief of the Staff of the Presidency of Peru.He studied Law at the Catholic University of Peru and has two Master degrees from the Maxwell School of Government at Syracuse University  in New York : one in  Public Administration and the other in International Relations .and  has been a scholar at  Stanford University , California.

During his  work as Ambassador of Peru in Honduras he developed a successful and innovative diplomatic  methodology  named  Gastrodiplomacy  with Cooperation  which had the objective of promoting commercial , economic and cultural relations between Peru and Honduras. The two components  of this innovative methodology  are cooperation and  fusion.  The result of the first one has been the training of more than one thousand chefs  of 17 and 18 departments of Honduras in Peruian Gastronomy and the publication of  two gastronomic books presenting  Peruvian and Hondurenian recipes  . Those books have received prizes  of the International  Gourmand Foundation , specialized in selecting the best publications in gastronomic matters.Gonzales Arica is now promoting the commercial , gastronomic and cultural exchange between countries through the organization of  workshops and Gastronomic Festivals in different countries like China. Guillermo Gonzales Arica  has received honor medals from the Peruvian Congress and from  the government and Parliament of Honduras in recognition of this  successful work   applying the Gastrodiplomacy with Cooperation. in Peru and Hondurass