Jordan Lewis

Manager of Dove Men+Care Brand Purpose, Unilever

Jordan Lewis leads communications and brand purpose advocacy for Dove Men+Care at Unilever USA. He manages the brand’s creative development and execution across four product categories, national sports properties, as well as the strategic direction for the brand’s commitment to social impact. Jordan’s key work is leading an internal and external coalition on a mission to pass federally funded, nationally available paid family leave legislation so all parents can care for their family equally. As a champion of SDG #5, Gender Equality, Jordan’s work combines grassroots civic participation, corporate alliances, and lobbying efforts to institutionalize policy that benefits all families and workplaces equitably. This mission has engaged over 36,000 families and coverage on every national TV news network in America. He has also organized internal events that celebrate equal and active caregiving by dads as part of a larger brand purpose that aims to make it universally acceptable and normal for men to show care. Be part of the movement by using #PaternityLeavePledge today.
In addition to his professional work, Jordan personally leads a local chapter of grassroots climate activists fighting for federal climate policy solutions, such as comprehensive carbon pricing, as a contributor of SDG# 13, Climate Action. He works across his community to bring awareness of climate action and environmental justice to his coworkers and district through the voice of other young people.
Jordan’s purpose is to realign marketing with human and environmental welfare, and encourages all young people to act, no matter how small.