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Out of the thousands of Ambassador-led initiatives, One Young World chooses 50 projects for evaluation each year. They are selected to represent all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 8 geographic regions – Europe, Asia, MENA, Africa, North America, Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania.


One Young World also monitors the action of Ambassadors working in the private sector, as young entrepreneurs work to create impact in sustainability-focused startups and young professionals work to embed social purpose in their workplaces and companies' actions.


The final selection of 17 Ambassadors featured in Annual Impact Reports are the 'Ones to Watch', outstanding initiatives tackling each Sustainable Development Goal predicted to create significant social impact in the coming years.

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For every $1 of value invested, One Young World Ambassadors deliver $16 of social value, based on a Social Return on Investment analysis of 50 Ambassador-led initiatives addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2020.

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  • Ones to Watch: brief summaries of some of the most exciting new initiatives working to achieve a particular Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Covid Young Leaders Fund: detailed case studies of a selection of grant recipients from One Young World's 2020 funding opportunity for projects tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Lead2030: detailed case studies of the Lead2030 award winners and how their projects have generated impact from participating in the programme.


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Refúgio 343

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Refúgio 343 ran emergency relief programmes for Venezuelan refugees in Boa Vista and Roraima.

Refúgio 343 - Brazil

Laura Fatio
Covid Young Leaders Fund

Refúgio 343 is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to the response to the biggest humanitarian crisis in Latin America. It rescues Venezuelan refugee families in Brazil, by promoting the socio-economic reintegration of these families into the national territory.

During the pandemic, the team has worked tirelessly to guarantee basic health conditions for survival through the distribution of cleaning supplies, hygiene kits, and food baskets. The organisation is also supporting a temporary emergency hospital with medical equipment and PPE.

Refúgio 343 used the grant to run two emergency initiatives in Boa Vista and Roraima where there is a high concentration of Venezuelan refugees, to provide emergency assistance to 804 families in 14 occupancies lacking infrastructure, electricity or drinking water, and health access.

  • 2,094 refugees supported
  • 600 food parcels distributed
  • 502 hygiene packs and 800 cleaning kits donated


During the Covid-19 pandemic, AFPHY trained survivors of abuse to produce sanitation resources and grow their own enterprises.

AFPHY - Mauritania

Dickel Dia
Covid Young Leaders Fund

AFPHY stands against gender-based violence (GBV) and discrimination by promoting education, equal rights, and job generation for women and girls in rural areas of Mauritania.

The Fight Co-Violence Initiative aims to fight the spread of the virus at the same time as the ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic abuse. AFPHY raises awareness of GBV at the same time as equipping survivors with skills to become economically independent while distributing preventative resources to reduce chances of Covid-19 transmission in vulnerable communities.

Through the project, 109 survivors of gender-based violence were equipped with transferable skills which enabled them to establish and sustainably operate income-generating initiatives which will ensure their long-term economic independence. Simultaneously and through some of these projects, more than 5,000 bars of soap and over 5,000 woven face masks were distributed for free to vulnerable communities. Additionally, in 23 different villages, 2,000 people have had access to essential sanitation services.

  • 109 survivors of gender-based violence trained in solidarity entrepreneurship
  • 11,000 people received antiseptic soap and woven face masks
  • 2,000 people received sanitation services

RiseNOW Survivor Safe Haven

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rise supported and advised growing numbers of survivors of domestic abuse.

RiseNOW Survivor Safe Haven - United States

Amanda Nguyen
Covid Young Leaders Fund

Amanda Nguyen, the CEO of Rise, penned her own civil rights into existence and unanimously passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, after having to navigate the broken criminal justice system after her own rape.

Amanda has established the Survivor Safe Haven initiative to provide the increased people at risk of sexual and domestic violence with access to resources and information during the government enforced lockdown. Survivor Safe Haven partners with restaurants, grocery stores and other essential establishments to provide access to rapid response for survivors of domestic abuse.

With funding support, RiseNOW has expanded its operations to 19 different regions all across the USA, including Washington, New York City, and Nashville. They have also managed to develop flyers in Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese so that they are shareable with the general public, and are working to do the same for 8 other languages.

  • 37.6 million Americans have access to a Survivor Safe Haven
  • 19 regions throughout the USA with businesses the project
  • 11 different translations of essential support information

World Dream Project - Japan

Ibun Hirahara, Taichi Ichikawa
One to Watch

Taichi and Ibun founded the World Dream Project to showcase the dreams and stories of international leaders in one place and share the borderless sustainability lessons. With support from Iroha Publishing, they have produced a book that showcases 201 dreams from 201 countries for students across the world

Klassroom Global - Bangladesh

Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim
One to Watch is an online platform where anyone can learn anything, anywhere. It empowers the youth by providing quality skills development training, and mentorship to battle unemployment, and lack of skills. It has connected more than 18,000 youth and helped them to learn about IT, programming, English and career opportunities.

Startupistan - Afghanistan

Mozamel Aman
One to Watch

Startupistan is a digital academy and entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes empowerment through digital education for youth in Afghanistan. Participants are encouraged to learn, network and take risks, with the mission of empowering young populations to play a role in shaping the future of society.

Kowa - Mexico

Michelle Reza
One to Watch

Kowa is an initiative seeking to democratise the earnings of e-commerce and help people to start their own businesses without risking their capital. Developed by three young professionals, the solution is an Online to Offline platform that allows anyone to start their own business in seconds. This will socially and financially empower individuals in over 100 cities in Mexico.

Green in Blue

Keep an eye on Green in Blue, an expanding consultancy with expertise in aquaponics.

Green in Blue - Spain

Loic Le Goueff
One to Watch

Green in Blue provides technical consultancy to support the installation and management of aquaponics systems around the world. The organisation is building its own aquaponic farm in 2021 to increase its own production and distribution of sustainably produced food in Spain.

Sickle Cell Cares Foundation - Dominica

Kellyn George
One to Watch

Sickle Cell Cares Foundation began as a form of outreach to persons with sickle cell disease in Dominica. Through research, it discovered that there is a 33% prevalence of anaemia on the island. In response, the team supports individuals managing the disease to help them live a normal and healthy life.

Fish Forever - Micronesia

Jasmine Mendiola
One to Watch

Fish Forever promotes an ecosystem-based management approach where it empowers networks of communities to take the lead in managing their inshore fisheries. This first-of-its-kind approach in Micronesia centres on behavioural change and creates enabling conditions to help push this behaviour change.

Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY - Cyprus

Ioanna Demosthenous
One to Watch

Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY is a youth NGO that aims to motivate young Cypriots to become active citizens and deal with issues in international relations and politics. Through the Cyprus Youth Parliament project co-organised with the Cyprus Youth Council, it has connected 300+ young Cypriots with their country’s decision-making structures.

ElectHER - Nigeria

Ibijoke Faborode
One to Watch

ElectHER is a non-partisan, end-to-end women's political advancement organisation addressing the under-representation of women in elective offices. ElectHER recently launched its Agender35 campaign, setting up a $10 million fund to empower 1,000 women to Decide to Run, and directly finance 35 women to run in Nigeria’s 2023 general election.


Keep an eye on Shop-Hadia, a small fashion label alleviating poverty in Guinea.

Shop-Hadia - Guinea

Hadiatou Barry
One to Watch

Shop-Hadia is an African fashion label that is committed to helping to alleviate poverty in the city of Labé by providing work to the local tailors and designers, using the revenue to support street children in the city. Local designers minimise waste in their processes and supply customers with culturally authentic clothing.

Eviuz - Colombia

German A. Mueses Rodriguez
One to Watch

Eviuz launched the Fotolampara initiative to give light to homes which lack electricity access. The project has designed technologies that use photosynthetic activity and other vital processes in plants in order to obtain clean, sustainable, and sufficient power. The objective is to reach vulnerable communities in areas such as Socorro and Guapuscal Bajo.

GreenDeal4Youth - The Netherlands

Fons Jansen
One to Watch

GreenDeal4Youth is a youth-led network promoting smarter climate action and youth participation. They connect and empower young climate leaders, youth delegates, and young professional leaders to ensure that the younger generation is involved in leading the sustainable transformation for the economy, society and all life on earth.

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