Social Impact Analysis

Out of the thousands of Ambassador-led initiatives, One Young World chooses 50 projects for evaluation each year. They are selected to represent all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 8 geographic regions – Europe, Asia, MENA, Africa, North America, Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania.


One Young World also monitors the action of Ambassadors working in the private sector, as young entrepreneurs work to create impact in sustainability-focused startups and young professionals work to embed social purpose in their workplaces and companies' actions.


The final selection of 17 Ambassadors featured in Annual Impact Reports are the 'Ones to Watch', outstanding initiatives tackling each Sustainable Development Goal predicted to create significant social impact in the coming years.

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For every $1 of value invested, One Young World Ambassadors deliver $16 of social value, based on a Social Return on Investment analysis of 50 Ambassador-led initiatives addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2020.

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  • Ambassador-led Initiatives: qualitative and quantitative analysis of the social impact of organisations or projects which are led by young leaders in the Community.
  • Business for Social Good: written case studies for initiatives ran by Partner organisations, led by young professional Ambassadors, or entrepreneurs in the Community.
  • Ones to Watch: brief summaries of some of the most exciting new initiatives working to achieve a particular Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Covid Young Leaders Fund: detailed case studies of a selection of grant recipients from One Young World's 2020 funding opportunity for projects tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Lead2030: detailed case studies of the Lead2030 award winners and how their projects have generated impact from participating in the programme.


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Oropopo Indigenous Research Centre

Keep an eye on Oropopo Indigenous Research Centre conserving indigenous environments and culture.

Oropopo Indigenous Research Centre - Costa Rica

Fabier Mena Mena
One to Watch

Oropopo Indigenous Research Center works to preserve indigenous culture in Costa Rica. The Centre conducts research on indigenous culture, indigenous workshops, indigenous handicrafts expositions, culture tours, Cultural Volunteer program, as well as working on forest restoration to ensure their environments are protected.

Nature for All - United States

Evan Barnard
One to Watch

Nature for All supports increased access to the outdoors for people with visual impairments and other physical disabilities through advocacy and education. They have worked on projects including braille nature trails, accessible park features, and inclusive schools and sports.

El Agua Es Oro - Bolivia

Camila Olmedo-Mendez
One to Watch

El Agua Es Oro provides a mobile laundry and water recycling service to improve peri-urban water access and resilience. This solution saves time for individuals, time which can be reinvested in education and work. It also saves clean water which can be redirected to hygiene, cooking and drinking.

Revofa - Malaysia

Adeline Ng
One to Watch

Revofa is a peer-to-peer rental platform for clothes. It is a social marketplace where people swap clothing or fix and alter them - extending the life cycle of fashion pieces. ‘Revofa’ stands for Revolve Fashion which brings the meaning of the ability for fashion to rotate and go around.

GREENfluidics - Mexico

Adán Ramirez
One to Watch

GREENfluidics is integrating innovative energy sources into city structures. The solution uses microalgae and carbon nanoparticles in order to help regenerate environmental health. It generates significant energy savings for structures while absorbing CO2, generating biomass, and monitoring environmental data.

World Tech Makers

Ilana and her team at WORLD TECH have pioneered on-site coding boot camps in Latin America since 2014.

World Tech Makers - Colombia

Ilana Milkes

Ilana and her team at WORLD TECH have pioneered on-site coding boot camps in Latin America since 2014. It provides rapid skills training that is relevant, efficient, and highly marketable. The organisation applied for Lead2030 in 2019 aiming to elevate its impact by receiving visibility and ongoing mentorship support from a world-leading organisation.

With the $50,000 grant, WORLD TECH launched three new service lines within World Tech Makers in 2020. These include the Digital DNA platform offering skills development for remote learners and workers, iOT kits for 21st-century activists, and the ground-breaking ePioneers initiative to make Colombia a nation for digital nomads. Deloitte helped launch these initiatives with support on a weekly basis from both the UK and the Colombia offices.

The year posed various challenges due to global events, but with the help of Deloitte’s partnership, Ilana developed as a leader with new socio-emotional and communication skills. Besides launching new services, the organisation implemented major pilot programmes with each one of its recently created branches in both Bogota and Medellin.

The partnership has extended well beyond the set one year of the Lead2030 programme, and with Deloitte’s continued support, WORLD TECH will consolidate its three service lines and Ilana aims to be a pioneer in spreading the ‘digital nomad spirit’ in Colombia, motivating other women through her example.

  • 20 teachers & 120 children trained with iOT kits for 3 months
  • 100,000 students reached by Digital DNA pilot
  • $2B potential boost to economy from ePioneer by 2024


rePurpose is the world’s first plastic credit platform offering financing solutions that stem the flow of ocean plastic.

rePurpose - India

Svanika Balasubramanian

rePurpose is a social enterprise building a global community of conscious consumers going Plastic Neutral, the world’s first plastic credit platform offering financing solutions that stem the flow of ocean plastic. For every $0.25 contributed to the platform, rePurpose guarantees to remove and recycle one additional pound of plastic waste, the platform then connects with an ethical impact partner who removes a further 100 pounds of waste from the ecosystem.

The team at rePurpose have had access to the Credit Suisse team with a broad range of expertise, through a number of mentorship sessions. With Credit Suisse support, rePurpose has been able to make progress on all three pillars of their strategy; tech development, expansion of the impact ecosystem through new partners, and growth of the core business through strategic marketing and participation in visible campaigns. There are also discussions on how best to utilise and integrate blockchain technology within their business model. The partnership has been mutually beneficial as Credit Suisse has used the platform to offset its own plastic footprint.

Lead2030 will continue to support the organisation's goal of diverting over 800 million kilograms of plastic waste away from our oceans and landfills by 2022. The implementation of blockchain will help rePurpose to verify the ethical impact of its waste removal projects, and Credit Suisse hopes to extend its own plastic offset programme and help rePurpose to secure further commercial contracts.


Xilinat is responding to climate change by turning agricultural waste into a natural low-calorie sugar alternative.

Xilinat - Mexico

Javier Larragoiti

Javier founded Xilinat to respond to climate change by turning agricultural waste into a natural low-calorie sugar alternative. Xilinat’s circular solution supports poor farmers, provides a safe sugar alternative for diabetics, and minimises pollution.

In the early mentorship sessions, Asahi and Javier discussed his challenges and identified experts in Asahi who can help find solutions. For manufacturing and R&D, Javier connected with Europe’s Brewing Quality Lead, Monica. For marketing, he works with Eva, Marketing Manager at Plzeňský Prazdroj. He was also in contact with Martina Brotankova, the regional Procurement lead, to help build engagement and long-term relationships with the farmers. Cristina Hanaberhg, Sustainability Lead at Birra Peroni provided concrete inspiration on supporting agriculture through the Campus Peroni programme.

Xilinat is adopting a more structured approach to its operations, increasing its focus on risk and mitigation. For finance, Javier has relied on the expertise of Stephane who has also driven the partnership at monthly check-ins. As Javier grows in confidence to lead his team and business, he has relied on Drahomira, Asahi Europe & International’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, for leadership development.

Asahi provides a supportive network to support Javier on his journey. Due to the pandemic, initial R&D plans were delayed. However, in 2021, Xilinat will scale up its fermentative process, improve sales strategy and brand positioning, and leverage its relationship with local farmers to enhance its production methods, executing plans set out with the team in Asahi. This will lead to greater impact on the well-being of local farmers, and increased mitigation of carbon emissions.

Genecis - Canada

Luna Yu

Genecis Bioindustries makes compostable plastics from food waste. By reprogramming bacteria, premium chemicals and materials become accessible. Their first product line is PHA, a high quality, biodegradable thermoplastic which can be used to make flexible packaging, coffee pods, 3D printing filaments and many more items.

The team has engaged in workshops assessing the various methods of polymer manufacturing, understanding global compostability standards, and adopting technologies to increase the performance of its bioplastics. They have been supported at Mondi by a Senior Sustainability Manager focused on the commercial implementation, and Mondi's Head of Product Sustainability & Engineering, a technical specialist with in-depth knowledge in bioplastics.

Expert technical advice has allowed Genecis proactively to address common manufacturing and scale-up challenges. Alongside this, market insights are allowing them to better predict future trends and opportunities. Through the partnership, Genecis and Mondi have scheduled a series of collaborative sessions to address new technical and business-related topics.

Blend Edu

Blend Edu is a social impact start-up that offers training and educational experiences to promote diversity and inclusion in Brazilian companies.

Blend Edu - Brazil

Thalita Gelenske

Thalita is the CEO of Blend Edu, a social impact start-up that offers training and educational experiences to promote diversity and inclusion in Brazilian companies in order to create an inclusive future through the power of education. In 2018, the team at Blend Edu developed Diversidade SA, the first virtual learning community focused on diversity in Brazil.

Thalita has received mentorship from Bristol Myers Squibb executives based in the USA and Brazil to enhance Blend Edu’s digital marketing and content development. This support has included connecting Thalita to influencers to contribute to Blend Edu’s podcasts and videos. In addition, Bristol Myers Squibb connected Thalita with the We Are All Human Foundation, an organisation that works across industries, focused on diversity & inclusion as a way to achieve equity. Thalita is implementing the funding provided from Bristol Myers Squibb to improve the user experience of her virtual learning community.

Lead2030 will enable the team to develop Diversidade SA, including providing more accessible content so that the platform is able to reach more users. The support is all in pursuit of Blend Edu’s three priority areas: marketing and growth, networking, and technology and product design.

Aeloi - Nepal

Sonika Manandhar

Sonika co-founded Aeloi, a fintech social enterprise specialising in tracing climate impact finance. Aeloi aims to become the premier marketplace to invest in green, grassroots entrepreneurs, using software that tracks impact sector funds using digital tokens. The organisation helps informal-sector micro-entrepreneurs access tailored loan products and automated, personalised services, and increase their business income.

The team meets with a representative of SC Ventures bi-monthly who with them, has explored areas such as design-thinking, their operational model, and connecting them with the Standard Chartered offices in Nepal. Already the partnership has developed Aeloi’s interview process, scaled their training methodology, and opened new avenues for partnerships.

Lead2030 will enable Aeloi to expand to 12,000 borrowers and vendors in 2021. Along with many targets for the organisation, it aims to increase its system’s security by adopting blockchain technology.


Climatenza is a solar thermal company that develops and applies concentrated solar power technology to generate clean and high-value energy for industrial applications.

Climatenza - India

Akshay Makar

Akshay Makar founded Climatenza, a solar thermal company working in India and Chile that develops and applies concentrated solar power technology to generate clean and high-value energy for industrial applications. Akshay’s clean energy solution can replace carbon-intensive fossil-fuel technology used in industry and manufacturing. Climatenza aims to complete projects by 2025 which will achieve a target reduction of 746,861 CO2 emissions over the 25 year lifetime of the solar fields.

bp’s support for Climatenza is coordinated by One Young World Ambassador, Ross McRobert, and is operated with an ‘open door policy’. This support provides Akshay with access to experts who are at the forefront of bp’s net-zero ambition. Since winning the Lead2030 challenge for clean and affordable energy, Climatenza has progressed to pilot stages with strategic customers in order to provide them with the confidence to make long-term investments. Climatenza also innovated to remove front-ended capital-intensive outlays, which can often be barriers to companies making a shift to clean energy.

With the support of bp mentors experienced in clean energy ventures, Climatenza is preparing to launch a fundraising round in 2021 or seek a partner through which to scale their operations. Within the next five years, Climatenza aims to build and operate solar thermal projects with a combined scale of 55.5 MW.

Eko Group H20+

Eko Group H20+ has designed a vertical, compact, modular water tank system that reuses plastic bottles to store rainwater.

Eko Group H20+ - Colombia

Ricardo Alba

Ricardo founded Eko Group H20+ when he saw that while rural homes in Colombia often have rainwater storing systems, residents in government housing projects have very limited space for water storage. His Ekomuro H2O solution is a vertical, compact, modular water tank system that reuses plastic bottles to store rainwater for use in the home for cleaning, discharge of toilets or watering gardens. It can be constructed by the residents themselves.

The RB team has helped develop a marketing plan to expand Eko Group into new markets and increase its online presence including on a new e-commerce platform. Eko Group has begun conversations with a multinational home-improvement store to begin selling Ekomuros and sales figures have been increasing to around $5K per month. Eko Group has also established key strategic alliances to install systems in public schools vulnerable communities, have repurposed 11,500 plastic bottles, and installed 135 systems providing access to clean water to 20,000+ people.

Future collaboration will develop Eko Group’s internal capacity to sell at the retail and e-commerce levels. This includes locating and equipping a physical space for manufacturing. Another major priority is to support a rebrand with cohesive brand guidelines and storytelling.


CAYSTI develops and promotes innovative tech tools to leverage egalitarian access to quality STEAM education.

CAYSTI - Cameroon

Arielle Kitio

CAYSTI's mission is to develop and promote innovative tech tools to leverage egalitarian access to quality education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. The organisation’s training centre in Cameroon is dedicated to low-income students and refugees from neighbouring countries and has trained over 6,500 young people by using ground-breaking learning tools.

CAYSTI has weekly meetings with Deloitte Cameroon, helping support the strategy development of two main initiatives. The first is the $1 Scholar Programme, an inclusive programme that aims to give equal access to coding and soft skills classes to youth in Francophone Africa. The second is the publication of an educational comic book and aligned workshops, helping youth better understand the concept of entrepreneurship.

The $1 Scholar Programme aims to impact 30,000 individuals in the first phase and 300,000 individuals in the second in targeted states of Cameroon, Gabon, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, DRC, Togo, and Benin. Further plans for collaboration include CAYSTI opening its platform to content aligned with Deloitte’s WorldClass ambition to support 50 million people by 2030 with job skills, educational outcomes, and access to opportunities.

Create Purpose - Mexico

Edith Soria

Edith Soria co-founded Create Purpose in Mexico to provide garden-based nutrition education for children in orphanages. This aims to break the cycle of poverty in Mexico and to prevent non-communicable diseases in orphans and vulnerable children living in care centres in low-income, highly marginalised communities.

Edith has been connected with AstraZeneca’s programmes and partners on the ground in Mexico, including the Young Health Programme Mexico team, and paired with personal mentor Julio Ordaz, Business Unit Director, CVRM at AstraZeneca. This support has developed her team-management, relationship-building and leadership. An early outcome has been collaboration agreements signed with the 8 orphanages in 4 different cities, with whom they are now promoting good health and nutrition with almost 300 vulnerable children.

Edith recently completed AstraZeneca’ award-winning, mini-MBA programme, building a foundation for her to grow as a leader and develop her organisation and meet other rising leaders from within AstraZeneca. The course covers core strategic models to enhance her commercial awareness, fill any gaps in her business knowledge, and empower her to work more collaboratively with colleagues using a consistent set of frameworks and methodologies.

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