The Community

As the global forum for young leaders, One Young World supports and monitors a network of individuals and organisations who are all motivated and equipped to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. One Young World is proud to promote the social impact of its Community of 12,000+ young leaders and 190+ partner organisations.

One Young World was inspired to see its Community working to address the devastating consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Community also mobilised during the rise of social movements like Black Lives Matter to make a stand against the systemic inequalities affecting marginalised communities around the world in various guises. Ambassadors also continued their social impact initiatives tackling global issues framed by the Sustainable Development Goals.


A core aspect of the Community is an engaged and driven selection of Ambassadors working in the private sector. Professional young leaders are leveraging the expertise and resources of big businesses to pursue sustainable causes, and entrepreneurs in the Community innovate to discover and grow sustainability solutions.

Zainab Haruna

"Young people across the world are working hard to bring the needed change to their communities and One Young World continues to uplift these efforts through resource sharing, collaboration and amplification. As a young person who is part of this Community, I am inspired everyday to strive to bring change to my community and country. "

Zainab Haruna
Zainab Haruna
Image of Ambassador's social enterprise

Ambassadors Driving Impact

The Community delivers positive change by addressing a variety of topical and timeless challenges around the world. This includes 92 exciting and promising new initiatives launched in 2020 which were recorded by One Young World.


The organisation also was delighted to identify 115 examples of prestigious local and global awards recognition celebrating Ambassadors' tireless work.


One Young World monitors a selection of Ambassadors' initiatives to provide a snapshot of the social impact the Community generates. These projects are chosen to represent the broad diversity in the network, covering every continent, and wide range of countries, and addressing all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Image of OYW Japan Caucus

Business for Social Good

Fundamental to the mission of One Young World is the belief that if the SDGs are to be achieved, businesses need to be brought to the table.


Over the past decade, the organisation has gathered an engaged and purpose-driven network of 190+ Partner organisations to support the urgent pursuit of the SDGs. Multinational businesses send their talent to the annual Summits as Delegates, and these Ambassadors return to their employers with the means and motivation to generate social impact in their workplaces and communities.


Other Delegates outside large corporations are inspired by what they see at the Summit to use entrepreneurship to drive positive social change.

Image of Ambassador in action

Monitoring Social Impact

The organisation and its network of volunteers work with the Community to track the social impact that Ambassadors are having in their communities, countries, and further afield. Ambassadors provide data to One Young World, which is subjected to a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis for a better understanding of how they are making a difference.


This information also helps to summarise the social value of Ambassadors' work and the wider impact of the One Young World Community. The process which has been implemented and evolved since 2010, has recorded direct impact on over 30.4 million people around the world.


The monitoring of the impact of young leaders helps the Community to fine-tune their work and maximise the impact they deliver. Ambassadors in 2020, epitomised by a snapshot of 50 projects subjected to SROI analysis, are generating an average of $16 social value for every $1 invested.

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