Institutions Fostering Leadership

One Young World works with young leaders and partners across all sectors, including collaborations with public sector institutions. Through these partnerships, young leaders secure support from local, national, and supranational governments. The Ambassadors have access to decision-makers and decision-making structures from which young people are frequently excluded. The following three delegations represent how Ambassadors supported by institutions generate impact and participate in building the One Young World Community.

Image of Peace Ambassador at Summit

One Young World Peace Ambassadors

The One Young World Peace Ambassador programme has been run in partnership with the European Commission since 2017. To date, it has supported 125 young people in developing countries who are active in P/CVE and peacebuilding initiatives.


As part of the Community, these scholars have participated in 56 curated opportunities, and have an exceptional track record in peacebuilding in their respective communities.


Building the success of our first Peace Caucus in Kigali in 2019, One Young World convened the most impactful peacebuilders under the age of 30 from Latin America. The Caucus explored the road to peace in a new decade, learning about the peacebuilding processes in Colombia and Latin America at large, and promoting the projects of Peace Ambassadors in the continent.

Image of Enterprise for Peace scholar at Summit

Enterprise for Peace Scholars

Each year the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites 50 Enterprise for Peace scholars from MENA, Sahel, and the Horn of Africa, to the One Young World Summits, also running an elaborate and educational pre-programme.


The scholars currently in the programme have taken advantage of a further 59 curated opportunities.


The young Enterprise for Peace scholars work to create sustainable job opportunities in selected regions, leverage the potential of young people for job creation and raise awareness of youth employment opportunities for young people.

Image of Award winner on the ground

National Award for Young Talent

Founded by the First Lady of Colombia, the Global Network of First Spouses is a series of public-private partnerships to provide opportunities to young leaders to represent their countries as part of One Young World. The Network also co-creates digital content with One Young World to encourage impact and educate people about the work of First Spouses.


In 2019, led by the First Lady of Colombia, and in collaboration with 20+ private sector partners, One Young World ran the first “National Award for Young Talent”.


A young leader from each of the 36 different regions in Colombia attended a pre-programme in Bogotá and the One Young World Summit in London. These young leaders are working in the country to tackle a wide variety of sustainability challenges faced in Colombia.

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