The Organisation

Every year, One Young World identifies new leaders who are selected for awards, opportunities, and recognition, or chosen to attend developmental programmes and receive capital support. The team works to accelerate the social impact of Ambassadors in the Community, promoting them through support and opportunities.


The organisation also connects an unrivalled network of young leaders who can learn from each other, communicate, and collaborate to generate positive social change. In light of the various challenges posed throughout 2020, One Young World offered more opportunities and more impactful support to its Community than ever before.

The Organisation in 2020

$ 1 . 1 M+

in grants distributed to young leaders around the world


young leaders educated at the One Young World Academy in 2020

23 K+

young leaders explored sustainability solutions at events in 2020

Image of Covid Young Leaders Fund grant recipient

Funding Young Leaders

Youth-led organisations are overwhelmingly underfunded. According to the United Network of Young Peacebuilders, over half are operating on under $5,000 per year.


As an organisation that in 2020 supported over 12,000 young leaders, One Young World unlocked essential financial capital at a scale that helped over 50 Ambassadors to develop their initiatives and scale up their impact.


Projects selected for funding received grants of an average size of $20,000, and have used these funds to accelerate their social impact tackling a wide range of social issues and addressing the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image of Ambassador educating young leaders

Education for Sustainability

According to One Young World’s Global Consultation Survey, 52% of young people feel unprepared by their education to deal with global challenges. This poses a problem as if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved, as a widespread understanding of said challenges must be achieved first.


One Young World addresses this information deficit by equipping its Community with the knowledge to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.


Amidst pandemic lockdowns, One Young World ran a host of online programmes including educational videos viewed more than 15 million times and launched the One Young World Academy, a groundbreaking learning platform accessed by more than 561 students.

Image from OYW Caucus

Building a Movement

Having been identified for their leadership, One Young World’s Ambassadors are connected to other like-minded, action-driven leaders. Subject to discrimination and marginalisation, they must work together to generate impact.


The organisation works with a dedicated group of 33 volunteers around the world to nurture this network. In 2020, One Young World convened more than 23,000 young leaders at 180 different events to explore solutions to sustainability challenges.


The team also supported issue-focused groups within the Community collaborating to overcome specific challenges. It provides a platform to the young leaders on which they can amplify their voice and message.

Image of First Lady of Colombia

Institutions Fostering Leadership

One Young World works with young leaders and partners across all sectors, including collaborations with public sector institutions. Through these partnerships, young leaders are able to secure support from local, national, and supranational governments.


These institutional Partners provide scholarships to attend a Summit and join the Community, and the chosen scholars gain access to decision-makers and decision-making structures from which young people are frequently excluded.


These young leaders have been connected to over 100 curated opportunities and can leverage this platform and promotion to accelerate the reach and social impact of their initiatives.

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