Building a Movement

Discrimination can make young people feel patronised, neglected, and even marginalised in their countries, communities, and workplaces. This makes One Young World’s Community of young leaders a vital resource, whereby Ambassadors are supported and help each other to succeed.


Attending a One Young World Summit, or being selected for one of its highly competitive programmes, is the starting point for an Ambassador’s journey. Once they join the Community of over 12,000 young leaders, they are supported by the tireless work of the One Young World team and a dedicated group of volunteers around the world, to promote and accelerate their work.


One Young World’s network of young leaders is invited to events and gatherings to form partnerships and share knowledge in pursuit of social impact. One Young World also curates unique opportunities for them to develop their skills and expertise with other organisations. The Community places young leaders at the forefront of sustainability discussions on prestigious platforms, giving them the chance to promote their own work.

Safoora Biglari

"The One Young World Community Team works throughout the year to ensure Ambassadors have the support they need to lead effectively. We provide them with access to funding, exclusive programmes, mentorship, knowledge-enhancing forums, media exposure, impact measurement, and high-level speaking engagements."

Safoora Biglari
Safoora Biglari
Director of Community, One Young World

The Movement in 2020

23 K+

people connected at 180 Community events since 2019


young leaders given platforms to promote their work and expertise


unique development opportunities curated for Ambassadors


Managing & Coordinating Ambassadors link the Community of 12,000 Ambassadors

Global Engagement

Global Engagement

One Young World would not be able to build and support a Community of 12,000+ young leaders in every country in the world without the dedication of its 33 exceptional Managing and Coordinating Ambassadors based in 26 global regions representing every country in the world.


Coordinating Ambassadors sustain momentum in the Community by organising events, representing One Young World at major forums, tracking the impact of individual Ambassadors, and making impactful connections between them. Despite restrictions in 2020, One Young World designed an innovative and varied agenda of 180 events to ensure a global audience of over 23,000 was engaged, educated, and inspired.


Additional support is provided to this mission by a selection of Partner organisations that share One Young World's value of promoting young leaders, and who offer a variety of opportunities to the Ambassador network. In partnership, One Young World has curated 185 unique opportunities for its Community.

Image of Ambassadors at flag bearing ceremony

Connecting the Community

One Young World creates and facilitates connections between young leaders to share best practice, offer mentorship and expertise, and collaborate for more impactful action through formal partnerships.


The organisation runs OYWConnects, a peer-to-peer mentorship programme that in 2020 matches 11 Ambassadors running early-stage social enterprises with fellow Ambassadors in the world's leading businesses for 6 months of mentorship, sharing expertise and experience held in multinational corporations. Additionally, 18 Ambassadors participated in the Social Innovation Warehouse Capacity Building Programme via the initiative.


Finance & Business 2030 is a joint initiative run with Chartered Accountants Worldwide, to unite and mobilise the finance and business community to achieve the SDGs. In 2020, the #FinBiz2030 Building Resilience series was launched to equip 11,000 young leaders with the expertise and confidence to lead through uncertain times. New Task Forces in Ireland and South Africa joined the established group in the UK, and the memberships of over 70 young professionals have launched more than 10 new initiatives.

Images of Politicians of the Year 2019

Platform for Young Leaders

One Young World runs a selection of prestigious awards to promote the achievements of young leaders working in different fields, helping them to gain deserved recognition that elevates their influence and impact.


One Young World runs the annual Politician of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, selecting the 5 most promising young politicians and 5 revolutionary entrepreneurs aged under 35 with experienced panels of experts in the respective fields. In 2020, One Young World also launched the Journalist of the Year Award, to identify and promote 5 of the world's most impactful journalists who are changing the way stories are reported and having a positive global impact.


Additionally, the organisation partnered with One Young World Counsellor and Chair of the Elders, on the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award to support young leaders behind innovative and impactful climate justice initiatives that are preserving the earth for future generations. In 2020, 5 projects were selected for support, 3 of which will receive £4,000 grants to accelerate their social impact in the coming year.

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