Internal Breakouts 2016

Internal Breakout Sessions provide One Young World delegates with interactive and practical insight into the issues and topics they are most passionate about.

This year, the One Young World Ambassador community have decided the Summit agenda will focus on the following topics; Human Rights, Environment, Peace & Security, Global Business, Health & Education.

The Internal Breakout Sessions will take place at the Shaw Centre on Saturday October 1st for 1.5 hours between 1700 and 1830.

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If you missed the registration deadline you will be auto allocated an internal breakout session for Saturday 1st October.

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Breakout Title

Description Capacity Available seats Status
IB01 - Using the power of networks to drive change through action and influence

How can the power of Corporate Millennial networks collaborate to have greater impact inside and outside of the business.

Telefonica’s Millennial Network is a global initiative run by Millennials to empower young talent in the company, bringing together 1600 members and 80 ambassadors in 16 countries.

180 64 Closed
IB02 - Eliminating Domestic Violence through Education

An interactive session to educate and empower delegates to eliminate domestic violence worldwide.

120 100 Open
IB03 - Global Goals: Global Leaders – acting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We invite you to a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion on the role of future professionals and future leaders in helping businesses and society transform to a different world by 2030.

60 0 Closed
IB04 - Corporate Responsibility – A 360° Approach

Led by Western Union (WU), best practices and roundtable discussion on end-to-end corporate responsibility (CSR); laying the foundation for action.

40 0 Closed
IB05 - An introduction to social impact measurement

What is social impact? How do you measure it? How do you capture the social return on your investment? Join experts from PwC for an introductory session to get started on understanding and measuring your social impact.

160 79 Closed
IB06 - Ericsson Response – a unique and powerful way to support disaster relief

At Ericsson, we use our core competencies and technology to support disaster response efforts across the globe. See the impact the private sector can have on disaster relief efforts and be inspired to think about what you can do to get involved.

40 31 Closed
IB07 - Clearly.Labs- Eyes wide open

Breakthrough thinkers needed. 2.5 billion people on this planet suffer from poor vision without treatment. Anyone can see we need to do better, however, very few have the imagination to do it. 

30 19 Closed
IB08 - Immuno-Oncology: Fighting Cancer Using Our Own Immune System

Our future holds new possibilities regarding patient care. With the possibility of having our immune system fight cancer comes new medicines. New delivery systems. New hope.

50 23 Open
IB09 - Social Intrapreneurship: Turning Business into a Force for Good

OYW is about taking action to solve pressing social issues; not just talking about them. In this session we will provide you with the tools and techniques to do this through the medium of business, an incredibly powerful and yet under utilised tool for delivering social impact. We will also look to create, and launch, 10 new, cross-corporate, projects which aim to profitably do good in this session for delegates to shape and deliver.

90 3 Open
IB10 - Winning the War of Words

Quilliam has been at the forefront of challenging extremist narratives in the last decade. In this breakout session, we want to pass on some top tips and brainstorm some new solutions with you!

140 91 Closed
IB11 - Modern-Day Slavery & Supply Chains in the Global Economy

Slavery is in the phones we use and the clothes we wear, yet most of us – even those of us who consider ourselves responsible global citizens - know very little about this global phenomenon embedded into the supply chains of companies around the world. What are the key things to know about this issue and how can we become part of the solution? Join us for a compelling discussion with leading voices working in the fight against modern-day slavery.

120 62 Closed
IB12 - A Place To Call Home - Sustainable and Affordable Housing For All

This session, delivered by Westpac delegates, is a brainstorm on how housing can be made affordable, accessible and safe for all, including a discussion of the current proposed models, the trade off between sustainable housing and low cost housing and how large corporations can support this process. The result of the workshop will be to create solutions that will help to provide the world’s population with access to one of the most fundamental rights – shelter.

15 0 Closed
IB13 - Transferring corporate experience into nonprofit capacity: Johnson & Johnson’s model for Corporate Social Responsibility

An action-oriented session on how the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust, managing J&J's CSR programs and activities across EMEA, has developed and successfully implemented a needs-based strategic program providing J&J talents an unique opportunity to share their skills sets with NGOs based on the NGOs needs.

80 54 Closed
IB14 - Laureus Foundation: Sport for Good

Using sport as a force for good

40 0 Closed
IB15 - Beyond asylum… solutions for the integration of refugees

The session will give a platform for delegates to share and brainstorm solutions to address problems faced by refugees.

60 18 Closed
IB16 - Harnessing the Power of the Media to Accelerate LGBT Acceptance

We can shape media representations that reflect the complex realities of LGBT lives, in order to build support and accelerate acceptance for LGBT people worldwide.

100 87 Closed
IB17 - Inclusion, Access, and Disabilities in the Workplace

This session is an opportunity for delegates to learn from panelists from a diverse background, who will address the participation of people with all disabilities from physical, mental health and invisible disabilities, in the workforce.

40 17 Closed
IB18 - Mobilizing youth to improve health care policy and reduce the societal incidence of non-communicable disease

This breakout session will explore the critical role that youth themselves can play in setting the health policy agenda and advocating for change that improves the health status of young people and reduces the societal prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

60 32 Closed
IB19 - Open energy: make it happen!

Understand rural communities’ needs and co-create off-grid electrification systems to bring power in remote areas.

15 0 Closed