Ambassador achievements pave the way for 2014

One Young World Ambassadors have been taking the plaudits recently and congratulations are in order for several young change makers in our network. Here are just a few of the great achievements attained by Ambassadors in recent months.

Forbes and Time have published their annual tallies of the top people under 30 who are changing the world. Forbes featured no fewer than five One Young World Ambassadors whilst Time singled out polar pioneer and Ambassador Parker Liautaud for recognition. Elsewhere, Martina Buchal has won World Merit’s global competition, Your Big Year.

Parker Liautaud, 19 – USA

Climate change campaigner Parker was just 15 when he first attempted trekking to the North Pole. Dangerous weather cut that journey short just 15 miles from the pole but he has since reached the destination twice. Parker’s inclusion in Time’s 30 Under 30 list coincides with his latest expedition which saw him become the youngest man to ski to the South Pole and set a new speed record in the process. 

Above: Parker (right) prepares to fly the One Young World flag at the South Pole.

Martina Buchal, 26 – Canada

Your Big Year tests young people around the world through a series of challenges focused on entrepreneurship and world citizenship. More than 60,000 people applied for this year’s competition which saw Martina become the second One Young World Ambassador take the top prize after Michael Teoh's success in 2010. Martina was joined in the final of the competition by fellow One Young World Ambassador Karyssa Zavala. As World Merit’s new Global Ambassador Martina will soon embark on the journey of a life time during which she will visit five continents to meet with world leaders, NGO’s and young people making a big impact in their communities.

Above: Martina's first live interview after winning Your Big Year.

Lauren Bush, 29 - USA

Lauren, the founder of FEED, is the first person to make the leap from Ambassador to One Young World Counsellor. Founded in 2007, FEED is a social business that sells sustainably manufactured bags, accessories and apparel. Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it which goes to benefit people in poverty. Lauren is recognised as one of Forbes’ top social entrepreneurs for creating FEED which has donated more than $6 million and close to 60 million school meals through the United Nations World Food Programme and Feeding America. 

Above: Lauren provides her insights into social business at the One Young World Summit 2013 alongside fellow Counsellors Professor Muhammad Yunus and Lily Cole.

Esra’a Al Shafei, 27 – Bahrain

Civil rights activist Esra’a joins Lauren as one of Forbes’ best young social entrepreneurs in recognition of her work creating Mideast Youth. Mideast Youth designs web platforms that promote access to information, free speech and minority rights throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Amongst Mideast Youth’s projects is Crowdvoice, a crowd sourcing platform that tracks voices of protest from social justice movements around the world.

Josh Nesbit, 26 – USA

Josh is amongst Forbes’ pick of the most impressive change makers under 30 for the second time. He is the co-founder and CEO of Medic Mobile, a non-profit that supports 10,000 community health workers across 19 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Medic Mobile's mission is to improve health equity in under-served communities. The organisation develops mobile and web technologies for programs in challenging settings—helping with stock-out monitoring, disease surveillance, emergency response, and coordination across the maternal and child health continuum of care. He also created the Hope Phones campaign, a recycling initiative designed to engage millions of Americans in global health efforts. 

Above: Josh presents Medic Mobile at the One Young World Summit 2013.

Daniel Maree, 26 – USA

Another Forbes 30 Under 30 stand-out, Daniel created The Million Hoodies Movement in the wake of the shooting of Florida Teen, Trayvon Martin. The USA non-profit works to protect and empower young minorities from racial profiling and gun violence. The movement attracted international support for the arrest of George Zimmerman by collecting more than 2 million signatures on, which became the fastest growing online petition ever. In 2012, Million Hoodies created a tool to help track incidents of police misconduct and discrimination which has collected more than 2,000 incidents in New York City alone.

Krishna Ranmkumar, 28 - India

Last but by no means least; Krishna earns a spot on Forbes’ list for founding Avanti Fellows. Founded in 2010, this social enterprise helps to level the playing field for gifted, low-income students who aspire to access India’s top colleges. Avanti Fellows supports students in seven cities across India and operates stand-alone learning centres in Mumbai, Dehli and Kanpur. Over the past three years the organisation has assisted more than 1000 high potential students.

There are countless more One Young World Ambassadors whose achievements deserve to be celebrated and we can’t wait to bring you their stories throughout 2014. If you’re an Ambassador, don’t forget to keep us up-to-date by staying in touch and completing the One Young World Ambassador Impact Survey.