Weekly Roundup: Ambassadors included among Apolitical's 100 Most Influential People in Gender Equality & much more

Two Ambassadors included in Apolitical's list of the World's 100 Most Influential People in Global Policy on Gender Equality

OYW Ambassadors Loujain Al-Hathloul and Amanda Nguyen, and OYW Counselor Emma Watson, have been featured in the list produced by Apolitical which celebrates the most prominent figures working for global policies regarding gender equality. They are included alongside other prominent politicians, civil servants, academics and activists including Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Michelle Bachelet. To view the full list and works of each individual, click here.

Adam Bradford announces partnership with GVC Holdings on "Changing for the Bettor"

As co-founder of Safer Online Gambling Group (SOGG), Adam announced SOGG’s partnership with GVC Holdings -- betting and gaming operator group – as part of GVC’s Changing for the Bettor campaign. Through this partnership, both groups seek to tackle "the issues of gambling-related harm head-on". SOGG will support GVC in its research, education and treatment programme to deliver support to addicts who show signs of problematic play.

Candace Nkoth Bisseck featured in Forbes Column for her new role in eTrade for Women

On May 21st 2019, Candace’s interview with Nina Angelovska was featured by Forbes Column. Previously named as a "The Super Woman of e-commerce”, Candace has been devoting her years to being a role model for other women in STEM. She further satisfies this role as the Program Manager of the very new initiative of UNCTAD -- the eTrade for Women. The eTrade for Women is an initiative which aims to support women in the e-commerce field in developing countries by showcasing women leaders’ work and providing the network for connections.

Sophie Kanza on eNCA discussing Breaking Down Border

Sophie, who is a co-founder of Sophie A Kanza, was on ENCA discussing the Summit and her ambassadorship. In the 2018 Breaking Down Border Summit, she attended as a summit speaker.

Liz Rebecca Alarcón shares her opinion on the USA's relationship with Venezuela

Receiving question regarding her opinions on Maduro and on Trump’s actions towards Venezuela, Liz Alarcón shared her answer in her article “I'm a progressive Venezuelan American. Disliking Trump doesn't mean I will support Maduro” on USA Today. Although Liz considers herself as a Democrat and a progressive, she does not support Maduro' regime. She suggests that “[t]o do the most good, the U.S. government should support the constitutionally backed interim presidency of Juan Guaidó”. Read the full article here.

Neeshad Shafi attends Global Landscapes Forum

As a youth environmentalist, educator, social change advocate and ED of Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar, Neeshad will be attending Global Landscapes Forum, held on 22 – 23 June of 2019 in Bonn, Germany. The Global Landscapes Forum is the world’s largest knowledge-led platform on sustainable land use, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement. It has connected 4000 organizations and 180,000 participants to gatherings in Warsaw, Lima, London, Paris, Marrakech, Jakarta, Bonn, Washington D.C. and Nairobi – and reached over 500 million from 185 countries.

Dimpho Lekgeu in training under DICE Young Storymakers programme at London

Dimpho participated in a training session as part of the first DICE Young Storymakers programme in London. The DICE Young Storymakers programme is an initiative of Pioneers Post and the British Council that provides a week of training, discussion and networking on social and creative enterprise to early-career journalists and storytellers aged between 18-25 from Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa. Fourteen young journalists were selected to come to London and produce stories in written, audio or video format, the best of which will be published on Pioneers Post over the next ten months.

Seleman Yusuph Kitenge engaging at the Atlantic Dialogue in Morocco

Seleman and other attendees of Atlantic Dialogue in Morocco were assigned a task to imagine the future of the Atlantic basin, as well as the global South, and predict the challenges that we will face by 2025. proposing possible solutions.  During this task, Seleman co-authored an article, which has been published by Policy Center for the New South and shared to other Key stakeholders. Read the full article here.

Khanya Mkoto hosted the Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit

From the 22nd to 24th May, Khanya is the Programme Director at Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit in Johannesburg. The Summit is “a Pan African Annual Conference for young leaders across the continent & appropriately it takes place during Africa month, with the theme ‘Reclaim Africa’.” There were 200 young leaders that represent 25 African countries in attendance.

Margianta Surahman Dinata gives a TED talk titled "You Do You(th)"

Margianta, the initiator of FCTC untuk Indonesia and Emancipate Indonesia, gave a talk at TEDxBinusSchool Jakarta, representing Emancipate Indonesia and Youth Movement for FCTC. The talk was titled "You Do You(th)," and he shared his life journey as a youth change-maker, along with how he overcame obstacles and doubts over his young age.

Value 500 urges businesses to commit to put disability inclusion at St James's Palace

Unilever UK & IRE has shared that The Value 500 urged businesses to commit to putting disability inclusion on their board agendas. They believe that the pledge can bring a huge impact on creating inclusive opportunities in business for people with disabilities.

Tudor Mihailescu joins Antler’s inaugural cohort in Amsterdam

Tudor Mihailescu, OYW Peace Ambassador, recently joined Antler’s Amsterdam program. Antler is a global startup generator founded in 2017 by Magnus Grimeland and a team of McKinsey, Google, Spotify, Harvard, and MIT alumni, with a mission to turn exceptional individuals into great founders. Antler chooses the world’s most talented people and helps them find the proper network worldwide.

Brian Bosire featured in White Collar Magazine

In the February issue of the White Collar Magazine, Brian was featured for his part in the Vanity Fair Global Goals list. The Global Goals list honours individuals who are leading the charge to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations' 2030 Agenda. Find the online edition here.

Maira Duque meets Barack Obama in Bogotá

Along with eleven other emerging leaders, Maira Duque met President Obama in Bogata, discussing how the Obama Foundation can help to form the networks of young leaders in order to make positive changes across Colombia. Maira has been leading social mobilisation to press for changes on issues such as air quality, homicide, migration, and civic participation.

El Tiempo feature Lead2030 winners Ilana Milkes and Jenifer Colpas

Recently, One Young World announced the list of  Lead2030 winners, a programme designed to find, fund and accelerate the most impactful youth-led solutions that are moving the needle on the SDGs, with support from a coalition of the world’s most prestigious coorporations. Two of the successful leaders, lana Milkes and Jenifer Colpas, were featured in El Tiempo. Ilana, who is a former soccer player, leads the project, “World Tech Makers” to tackle SDG4: Quality Education. Jenifer heads up a project improve sanitation in remote communities, primarily on the Caribbean coast. To view the article, please click here.

Joannes Yimbesalu leads a new United Nations global partnership

Joannes recently relocated to Abuja, Nigeria on an offer by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to lead a new United Nations global partnership called Generation Unlimited. The new partnership prepares young people from the entire country to become productive and engaged citizens by connecting secondary-age education and training to employment and entrepreneurship, empowering every young person to thrive in the world of work. Moreover, Joannes’ work on global education was recently nominated for a Luxembourg Peace Prize, an initiative of the Schengen Peace Foundation.

Willice Onyango won the competition for the Public Participation Application.

Willice’s idea for the Public Participation Application has won the competition, selected by the National Youth Office of Kenyan Parliament. With an aim to reduce problems with lack of youth participation for public participation forums on legislation, the initiative was designed to promote open governance, inclusivity, and transparency in parliamentary activities. For further information about the initiative, visit National Youth Office website.

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa finished 50 days out of 100 days of Be The Peace Walk

Hyppolite and Be The Peace initiated #BeThePeaceWalk, which is a walking performance held from 15th April to 15th July, in remembrance of Genocide Against Tutsi. Finishing the first 50 days of the walk, Hyppolite posted highlights video on his social media, sharing his experience. To gain more information about the campaign and to be involved, please click here, and watch the video below.

Shilpa Yarlagadda featured by the Wall Street Journal

OYW Ambassador, Shilpa, was featured in the Wall Street Journal for her remarkable work with her jewelry brand, Shiffon Co. Her jewelry is not only worn by famous figures such as Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and Emma Watson, but also has been funding female-led companies around the world. To check out the jewelry, please visit Shiffon. Co. To access the WSJ article, please click here.

Dara Kirton included in The EMpower Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders 2019

Dara was included the recent list of The EMpower Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders 2019 by Empower and Yahoo Finance. The list celebrates inspirational people of colour who are not yet senior leaders in their organisation, but are making a significant contribution to ethnic minority inclusion at work. Empower and Yahoo Finance recognised the proactive role Dara has been playing in diversity outside of her day job, such as encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to seek and gain careers in professional services.

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OYW Ambassador & UK's G7 Youth Delegation leader meets with OYW Japan in Tokyo

OYW Ambassador & UK's G7 Youth Delegation Leader James da Costa met with members of the OYW Japan, Ackey Toda and Kimy Okubo.

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