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What is One Young World?

One Young World was founded in 2009 by David JonesKate Robertson and Founding Corporate Partner: Havas. We are a UK-based not-for-profit that gathers together the brightest young people from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. 

We stage an annual Summit where the most valuable young talent from global and national companies, NGO's, universities and other forward-thinking organisations are joined by world leaders, acting as the One Young World Counsellors.

At the Summit, delegates debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces.

At past Summits delegates were joined by a line-up of Counsellors that included Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan, Sir Richard Branson, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Jamie Oliver, Jack Dorsey and Arianna Huffington. Click here to find out more about past Counsellors.

After each Summit, the delegates, who are then known as One Young World Ambassadors, work on their own initiatives or lend the power of the One Young World network to those initiatives already in existence. Of those in employment, many return to their companies and set about creating change from within, energising their corporate environment. 

Who can be a One Young World Ambassador?

One Young World delegates are 18-30 years old who have demonstrated leadership ability and a commitment to effecting positive change. Many have already had an impact in their home countries on a range of issues, including the role of business in society, transparency in business and government, the impact of climate change, global health and hunger relief.

If you think you meet the requirements, we welcome you to apply to attend the 2014 Summit by creating a candidate profile. If your profile is approved it will be displayed on the One Young World website and you can seek the necessary funding to attend the Summit. 

At the Summit Closing Ceremony, delegates graduate as One Young World Ambassadors, joining a network of young leaders who are creating positive change around the world.

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How is it funded?

Delegates' expenses to attend a Summit may be funded by private citizens, companies, NGOs, education establishments and public bodies.

More information about how to fund a delegate can be found here.

The cost for each delegate attending the Summit encompasses travel within the host city, accommodation, meals, access to laptops, desktops and mobile devices, venue costs, chaperones and satellite and wireless connectivity.

The 2014 delegate fee is £2,750 (plus VAT).

Where will the next Summit be held?

The One Young World Summit 2015 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand 18-21 November 2015.

Where have previous Summits been held?

Dublin - 2014

The One Young World Summit 2014 took place in Dublin, Ireland from 15 - 18 October. 1,300 delegates from 194 countries were represented. Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny delivered the welcome address and former President Mary Robinson made her first appearance as a One Young World Counsellor.

Ireland's unique history of conflict resolution was highlighted through the One Young World Peace and Conflict Resolution Project exploring lessons learnt from the Northern Ireland peace process. With half the One Young World community living in a country affected by conflict, a series of sessions lead by Dr. Martin MacAleese, Sean Murray (Sinn Fein member and former IRA prisoner) and Jackie McDonald (Northern Ireland activist and former UDA prisoner)offered delegates from over 14 conflict affected countries a platform to share stories and develop ideas to strengthen efforts at conflict resolution in their own countries.


Johannesburg - 2013​

The One Young World Summit 2013 took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 2 - 5 October. 1,250 delegates from 190 countries attended. Sir Richard Branson made his first appearance as a One Young World Counsellor and Winnie Mandela addressed the delegation during the Closing Ceremony. Click here to find out more about the 2013 Summit.


Pittsburgh - 2012

The One Young World Summit 2012 took place in Pittsburgh, USA from 18–22 October.  1,200 delegates from 183 countries attended. The Opening Ceremony featured a keynote speech by President Bill Clinton who also took time to answer questions from the delegates. 


Counsellor and Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins says: “One Young World is an inspiring forum, in which I am proud to play a part.  Equally inspiring are the stories and ambitions of the One Young World delegates – our leaders of the future.”

Zurich - 2011

The One Young World Summit 2011 was hosted by the city of Zurich, Switzerland from 1-4 September 2011.

1,200 delegates attended from 171 countries. 


Counsellor and Unilever CEO, Paul Polman says: "The world is facing a number of enormous challenges over the next fifty years as it tries to evolve from a consumption-driven economy, to a new, sustainable economy. The leaders of today are just starting to grapple with the challenges; it will be the leaders of tomorrow who have to deliver the solutions to overcome them. Our job is to inspire these new leaders to seize the opportunities these challenges present."

London - 2010

The inaugural One Young World Summit was held in London on 8-10 February 2010.

825 delegates attended from 114 countries. 


The 2010 Summit focused on six key Resolutions developed in response to the most pressing issues in the world, as identified by the One Young World Global Consultation Process, a poll of over 15,000 respondents aged 18-30 years old from 34 countries, with every continent represented.

After the One Young World Summit 2010, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said: "I was inspired by the energy, ideas and dynamism of the wonderful young people I met at One Young World in London and I am delighted to be attending the second gathering of these exceptional individuals in Zurich. Young people are changing the world in which we live at an incredible pace and it is important that we listen to the young leaders of tomorrow and encourage them to address the problems in the world today."