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Priya Chande

London School of Economics

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For L’Oreal to continue on its global mission of beauty, I believe we have a responsibility to help people look and feel beautiful, cultivating the philosophy that true beauty goes beyond lipstick and great hair- even if they are a good place to start! In today’s world, Wellbeing & Beauty are inextricably linked and these two values must underpin all brand activities if we are to attract and nurture our future consumer, the health-oriented millennial generation.
To do this, I believe we need to turn our focus inwards and harness a culture of purpose among our employees first. Profits may justify financial success but a healthy and happy taskforce will pay greater dividends in the long run. As Dr Ken Pelletier, a pioneer in workplace wellness suggests, companies should now pursue the goal of ROV- “return on value”- versus traditional measures of ROI.
In the digital age, information, ideas and talent are accessible 24/7 which can help us deliver products to market faster but often comes at a cost, impacting productivity and profitability negatively. It comes as no surprise that “unwellness” at work costs the U.S. a staggering $2.2 trillion a year. In short, a workplace that is well, works well.
To nurture and retain a high performing workforce, it’s vital that we empower individuals to make a contribution that not only benefits the business but is rewarding on a personal level also. We must reinforce the message that it is completely possible to launch the biggest cosmetic campaign of your career and pick up your child from the school gates everyday on time. The emotional rewards will be what keep our workforce motivated and willing to reinvest in us.
Efforts must be made to stay healthy with on-site stress-reduction tools such as yoga, quiet zones and mindfulness. Managers must be trained to encourage employee engagement and can cultivate an organisational community with shared Values- L’Oreal and its employees have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


In 2014, L'Oreal rolled out its corporate social responsibility project called "Sharing beauty for all" which was aimed at designing a model company that is exemplary in terms of sustainable innovation, production and consumption. In 2015, I was invited to represent the professional products division in the UK on a taskforce called "Simplify for Growth". The goal for this simplification initiative was to help us be a faster, more agile & responsive player in the market, identifying new strategies to win and unlock growth more efficiently. By reducing the complexity in our daily tasks, the objective was to help employees save time and budget which could be reinvested to generate bigger opportunities.
Over 6 months, I worked with various brand stakeholders to identify their needs versus those of the wider business. As the voice of the marketing community, I explored our challenges and helped make strategic decisions that would create a significant positive impact not only to the bottom line but also to increase employee engagement. By freeing up valuable time the workforce will feel more liberated, generate more innovative ideas, and achieve a healthier work-life balance.
We identified five key levers which, if adjusted, could free up £1.2m of marketing spend. For example, we identified that in some points of sale up to 40% of the printed marketing materials produced were not utilised. Following our presentation to the management committee last year, all brands were challenged to reduce their print spend by a minimum of 40%.
Significant shifts have taken place since the taskforce was set up but we have a long way to go. As we experience a digital revolution and continue to reach more consumers via omni-channel user experiences, the need to streamline internal and external processes will be greater than ever before in order to drive productivity and build a sustainable global business.