Tabata Amaral de Pontes

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  • Harvard University
  • B.A. in Government with a secondary field in Astrophysics

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Education specialist

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Public policy
Social entrepreneurship

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Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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My dream is to work with public policy and education, being part of great changes in the Brazilian educational system. I started my studies in public schools but received a full scholarship to study in one of the best private schools of my country after performing well in Math Olympiads. There, my passion for science allowed me to represent my country in five international Science Olympiads, meeting people with the most different cultures while travelling the whole world. More opportunities came and I received full scholarships to learn English and apply to American universities, being accepted into six universities with full scholarship. All the incredible opportunities that I had received developed in me a huge passion for education. There are many talented students in Brazil that just need to receive half of the opportunities I had received to do wonderful things. In 2009, some friends and I founded “Projeto VOA.” Since then, every Sunday, we prepare students from public schools to scientific Olympiads. Working in VOA has been extremely rewarding. However, we cannot attend more than 10 schools per year. My country has over 40 million students enrolled in public schools. This is why, together with two friends, I co-founded Movimento Mapa Educação, a movement that has the mission of bringing education to the center of the Brazilian political debate. Our movement aims to mobilize the youth to improve the Brazilian educational system. We believe that the country’s youngest citizens have a unique potential to shape democracy in the years to come, especially in the educational sector. All the projects and events led by our movement have the objective of raising awareness about the flaws, limitations and potential solutions for our educational system, giving protagonism to Brazilian young people in such transformation process.


In the first half of 2014, based on interviews with over one hundred education leaders, five friends and I launched the foundations of a supra-partisan manifesto called “Mapa do Buraco” ( -38,067,009). With youthful spirit, the document provides diagnostics, reveals exemplary cases, suggests priorities for action and indicates a country's development vision based on the provision of a quality education. The manifesto was launched ( with the support and presence of authorities with different ideological views and the document was discussed with all the traditional media and new media. In the second half of the year, we conducted a series of educational debates during the elections of 2014, including a Sabbath between educational representatives of the then presidential candidates in the second round, summoning them to an active position in relation to Brazilian education. We also articulated the “Desafio Mapa do Buraco”, in which candidates were asked to make a video saying what they would do to improve education in Brazil if they were elected and challenged three other candidates to do the same. We received more than 50 submissions. Our movement helped Brazilian society to be heard. The manifesto has raised an important discussion about the quality of education in major newspapers and media in our country. The strong performance during the 2014 elections impacted and directly called the election debate on education, including the potential on the decision of the voters.