Gabriel Telles O'Neill

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  • The University Of Ottawa
  • Master of Computer Science

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Software Developer

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Computer coding
Event planning

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This year, I've been spearheading the creation and advancement of Ontario's first ever Ericsson Garage. A process which has been deeply gratifying as this new community continues to grow and bring forth new ideas. To Explain: an "Ericsson garage" in an incubator for innovations. Innovations which touch one of Ericsson's many research or business areas. It is a physical space, set of resources, and a community of people which collaborate to drive ideas forward. People with an idea come to the garage to get the help in refining it, getting the direction, coaching and equipment they need to make it a reality. In order to kick-start the Garage in Ottawa, we chose a theme near and dear to my Heart: The Internet of Things. Since its grand-opening, I've facilitated a number of events and forums for new and exciting IoT ideas to emerge. Events like: learning sessions, hands-on workshops, brainstorming sessions, guided Innovation Workshops- not to mention a site-wide Hackathon. After a few months of generating and nurturing ideas in the Garage, it's was time to push those ideas out into the world. I've most recently been helping people realize their IoT solution so that they can be presented to our partners and demonstrated at conferences/trade-show. Looking back, it's heart-warming to see how much we've accomplished, and how far we've come since the year begun.