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Manzi Willy Ngarambe

I am passionate about

I am passionate about uplifting others, the same way I was uplifted when I needed help the most. I have learned that one seed planted can be harvested and produce many more seeds. Born in a war zone a genocide survivor and consequently stateless at young age, I felt helpless at the hands of my own leaders. When I immigrated to Canada, I realized the need of empowering others. I lost hope after I lost everything, including my dignity and my country. When my world had been turned upside down, I had no where to get help from. But when I came to this great nation, my dreams of having a place to call home was fulfilled. Even though I had to start everything from the ground and rebuild, I was encouraged because I was in a secure environment. I started regaining my hope and self esteem with each passing day. I had the privilege to go back to school, which I had been denied due to my tribal affiliation! All is falling into place again. I am very aware of how it feels to be helpless and disoriented. I have decided to dedicate most of my time to help others in my community and beyond. I will keep my dreams alive and will spread the candle across the oceans as long as I live. I became Youth Ambassador and Advisory Committee Member in 2014. Responsibilities include organizing and participating in meetings, helping newcomers in their integration process, helping to create a Youth Employment Initiative document, facilitating integration in Canada for Government Assisted Refugees, helping to create an Educational Resource Booklet, and participating in 3 years of leadership training. From 2015 i become a youth department Leader Responsibilities include organizing church programs, planning a mission trip, and initiating a free tax return clinic for low income individuals in my community. Under my leadership initiated a mission trip to Jamaica.


I fundraised $23000 to build a community school in Mandeville. We were a team of 14 people including one diplomat, Kenyan Assistant Ambassador to Canada was among the team. We worked for two weeks and continue to support the completion of the school today. Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist Church. Motivational Speaker I have been asked to give motivational speeches on various occasions. I continue to use my voice to advocate for various issues especially those relate to refugee crisis in the world. Syrian Refugee Fundraiser Event, Canadian Labour Congress, Global Shaper Ottawa, TEDx. Due to my past and experience of being a genocide survivor, I have taken a route of choosing forgiveness over blood, I discovered that I needed to help those who destroyed my family and all that belonged to us. I started a journey of reconstructing my country DRC, leading my country to a path of peace and reconciliation will enable my country to develop. Following my One young world summit in 2016, the One Young World Summit offered me the determination when we had to pledge of what we as young leaders are going to do and the opportunity to make connections with people that then became key stakeholders, contributors, and advocates for Heroes of Peace - a non-governmental organization that I founded a year after my participation at the Ottawa. The organization’s goal is to move Democratic Republic of Congo to move in a path of peace and reconciliation to be able to use the resources we have to move the country forward. In a country that has been named the worst place in the world to be a woman, as women are used as weapon of war, this has long-term consequences: one out of every two women in the DRC is illiterate. While infant mortality is exceptionally high (158 deaths per 1,000 births), nearly half of pregnant women in the DRC do not survive childbirth (449 deaths for every 1,000 births) (Mohamed 2013: 73). I left with no choice, but to take action