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Emma Martial Mbourangon

Marien Ngouabi University

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As a musician and activist, known under the pseudonym of "Martial Pa'nucci", what I am most passionate about is sustainable peace, social advocacy and justice. Convinced that there can be no better being than in a society of justice and equality in all fraternity, I committed myself to it with my music and my writings (literature) but also with the citizen movement RAS-LE- BOL that i created in Congo-Brazzaville to militate. Living in a country that has experienced 4 civil wars in less than 20 years (one is still in the Pool area) and having grown up in this environment where the deafening sounds of weapons become usual over time, I have always thought That we have the duty to act to change our community and consequently the world because I am and remains convinced that every individual who succeeds in changing the slightest thing from evil to good for his community, he also changes it for humanity and The world because as a human being we are all somewhat responsible for each other. And it is for this same conviction that I have risked my life several times in Congo Brazzaville where the dictatorship has raged for 33 years with a single man in power for all these years. And I continue to fight this struggle with my music and my activism for change of mentalities among the citizens and let the world know what is happening in Congo while hoping, by the citizen struggle, to end the reign of the dictatorship and terror.


I personally make music that gives people hope and understanding of our issues and the lack of justice and equality in the country. In a country where there is hardly any committed artist, my music is a form of lifejacket that allows people to save themselves from the vicissitudes of police repression and the meanders of dictatorship and wars. In short, it is a music of awareness and change of mentality; It is the same with my literary writings. In addition, within the RAS-LE-BOL Movement, we carry out awareness-raising and information activities on human rights and the rights and duties of citizens in order to enable them to mobilize to bring Positive change in their lives, in the community, in the country and consequently in the world. Through screenings of films followed by debates and citizen meetings, we have succeeded in making known to each other what a state of law, an exemplary citizen and the role they can play in the positive change of society Humanity as a whole. I am determined to ensure that my investment continues to make a difference in my country and around the world and I hope to do so.