Rumaitha Al Busaidi

Country representing





  • Sultan Qaboos University
  • MSc. in Aquaculture

Current organisation

Al Hosn Investment Company

Current role

Aquaculture Specialist

Skills and Expertise

Food security
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

My vision of the world is one that ensures that the future generation can live a dignified sustainable life better than their ancestors. This happens by the promise of incorporating change through the zeal of the youth to build a better future. The way I can improve the state of the world is through my passion about food security and women empowerment both ingredients crucial to the sustainable development of a nation. One way to ensure food security is through an industry that has long lost its spark; agriculture & fisheries that young people move away from due to its stereotypical association of it being old fashioned. I am currently working on changing that image in Oman through my academic background in aquaculture by introducing Integrated Recirculating Aquaculture model farms as a solution to alleviate issues of unemployment and promote food security in rural areas in Oman. In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Oman, my project saw the rise of 10 successful model farms and aims to expand to over 50 farms by 2020. Thus, I was selected to be part of the National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification that explores ways to diversify the economy away from oil and gas with fisheries and food manufacturing recognized as one of the five focal sectors. Witnessing a substantial gap to address issues of youth involvement in the sector, I worked on establishing an angel investor network to bring about seed funding, promote innovation, and invite young minds in the country to provide solutions to food security related issues among others. Coming from a traditional Arab background I’ve had to fight the image of being a young naïve woman in a male dominated society. I found that highlighting societal issues facing Omani women and empowering them as my true calling and decided to spread that message through extreme sports; challenging the notion of sports being exclusive to men and that an Arab hijabi can do what she sets her eyes on.


In an aim to challenge the notion of football being men exclusive, I ventured into being a sports analyst on radio where I hold the title of the first female football analyst in the Arab World, this accomplishment opened doors for many other women in the region to venture into the field and currently in Oman, there are five leading women personalities who do so, when back in 2008 there were none. However realizing that breaking stereotypes was crucial, I realized that I had more to offer the women of my society and decided to spread awareness on societal issues facing Omani women through my blog and venturing into extreme sports. Consequently, I became the youngest Omani to step foot on the South Pole and am currently on a mission of becoming the first Arab woman to conquer the seven volcanic summits; summitting 2 out of the seven so far (Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Damavand). I also organized and took part in a record setting all women expedition to Jabal Shams becoming the first group of women from the GCC to summit the highest peak in the region in show of solidarity and spreading messages of women empowerment. In addition to my blog, I also write for the country's leading newspapers and magazines and am part of the team behind Smartwoman Oman; a women only social media discussion platform. My curatorship of the Muscat hub of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community saw the launch of the biggest hub project to date named ‘OmanVolunteers’; the first nationwide online volunteering platform that matches volunteers with opportunities available. I am currently in the process of introducing a mobile app called Hiba (which means gift in Arabic) that aims to connect needy patients with blood donors in Oman, where if blood is needed, this platform would be a good place to turn to. The objective of the project is for the app to be simple, effective and free allowing people to sign up as a blood donor and contribute to the culture of building a community that cares.