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What makes me interested about this arena is that I wanted to know the thoughts of people who think will change the world. Because I own it is one of the people who wanted to make the world better. I know that there are many things on this planet that need help are numerous. I am trying to find your own ideas how to change, improve and correct them with something, the greater good. This forum is a great arena, with teen has turned ideas and opportunities to make changes. Make the world know that this is not just us alone or with just our country. But there are also many other places, places that still await restoration also has many people many lives that need help, then it is not just me alone, that I want to make this world a little better. But there is also another person who wants to make the world better. It became the impetus for a hope I get to do something accidentally remove them. I want to be a part that has been eager to engage in this activity, because I believe that when we are born and then in one life, create good things. To pass on to the next generation, life on Earth and are in a better society. We will not know? we're born, why, the when it comes, it doesn't create a good throw wai, with children.


I have had to help a community that had become a better community. By what I started doing all my own from the ever-and I look to see how it happened? To stop looking at it made me see other people besides yourself open with lots of self. Accept and hear the thoughts of those. From the time before I may not be seen for what they do. It makes many times we quarrel or have problems because of not understanding each other, but when someone is listening to people speak in gentle as before, it is because there are people who will accept before represents the honor with those who have spoken. When honored guests say it will become a good opportunity to talk to the listeners. When listeners have commented, it is the understanding of each other. Using the principles of why latitude is changes. We just started our ACE saga outcome To show off this kind of dependency which exemplifies When that will be shown before makhon. Then there are people around that behavior changes according to us. I've tried reducing the secondary camera and you thuek entities treat people around my humble example. I have changed the kill me themselves have expanded ไถึง surrounding people and the people around it changes himself and then the people around him have changed with. Make the right change society.