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Kennedy Chiduziem Ekezie-Joseph

University of Calabar

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about the rights of women especially in the areas of Female Genital Mutilation, Forced child marriage and education for the girl child. In 2014 alone, over 8,000 young girls in Southern Nigeria under went Female Genital Mutilation. This statistic spurred me to creating
this organization that ensures that young people in Nigeria now address issues that affect them, issues such as FGM and women
oppression, through a formal and organized medium designed for impact and revamp of the status quo. At least 200 million women
and girls have been affected by FGM around the world. FGM is always an extreme violation of the rights of a girl or woman.There is overwhelming quantitative
evidence that women’s empowerment
and gender equality are associated
with peace and stability in society.
In particular, when women voices influence
decisions about oppression and
take the lead against extremism in
their communities, it is more likely
crises will be resolved without recourse
to violence.


The CYCWR supports national communications and advocacy campaigns to drive policy and systemic change, in Nigeria
Globally, The CYCWR supports the Africa-led movement by communicating positive stories of change, convening events, initiating
media advocacy campaigns, and supporting ambassadorship programmes and efforts of
Africans to help end FGM in their countries of origin. It also helps mobilise increased financial resources to end
FGM in one generation.The CYCWR provides a global platform to celebrate, and
amplify the voices of, those working to end FGM, particularly across Africa.