Nyus Alfred

Country representing

Saint Lucia




  • Sir Arthur Lewis Community College
  • GCE A Levels

Current organisation

OECS Youth Empowered Society (OECS YES) & Sporte Avis

Current role

Senior Contributor OECS YES & CoFounder/Director of Sporte Avis

Skills and Expertise


Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


1. I am the Co Founder and Director of Sports Media Organisation 'Sporte Avis'. The aim of Sporte Avis is to promote the talents of young people in sports, to aid in their development by linking them with opportunities in sport; through education and otherwise. Sporte Avis is based in St Lucia, but also operates throughout the other islands of the Eastern Caribbean largely due to our partnership with the OECS. Sporte Avis has worked closely with over 100 athletes over the past 2 years. 2. I am a Senior Contributor for the OECS Youth Empowered Society (OECS YES), which is an initiative of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Through my work with OECS YES, I laise with youth across the region, engaging them as we work towards building an OECS Youth Strategy which will aid in the development of all youth within the OECS region. The youth strategy is being developed mainly on the advise of the youth, as we have realized that they are better equipped to design the programs that will work best for them. 3. I have served as the host of TV show 'Youth Sport Express' (2016) and radio show 'Youth Corner' (2014-2016). The shows provide a platform for young people to showcase their talents, as well as discuss the issues which affect them the most. The shows were meant to empower young people to achieve their dreams. 4. I volunteer in my community through the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, where I serve on the Executive Board. 5. I volunteered as a tutor for Secondary School 5th formers for 3 years after my graduation from Community College. 6. I have represented St Lucia at the regional level many times over the past few years, and have shared by experiences with the young people within the communities. 7. I volunteer (media expertise) with various sporting organisations in St Lucia. 8. I have delivered several motivational addresses at schools throughout St Lucia, hoping to empower young people to make use of opportunities which exist.