Veaceslav Cretu

Country representing

Moldova, Republic of




  • Kennesaw State University (still attending)
  • Information Security (still attending)

Current organisation


Current role

CEO & Founder

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Computer coding
Information technology
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

The principle that young people can do remarkable things when education and technology is within the reach is the core belief that describes me as an individual. Growing up in the poorest country in Europe, such as Republic of Moldova, educational and digital resources weren't available in every educational institution of the country. These drawbacks became a big barrier for me to gain knowledge and to grow at the same rate as my peers from other countries. The lack of access to a quality education and development motivated me to find ways to create opportunities. We live in a world where technological evolution brought progress, but in the same time left many living underdeveloped, especially the younger generation. The reason I care about this is because I was one of them. I believe that we can only achieve world property and integrity by valuing each one of us. Creating sustainable environments to produce learning, to develop an inclusive society, and to stimulate development for my peers that are in need, became my top priority and commitment. Our inputs, as framers of our own future societies, are more than necessary; therefore, vital to the core values that we share as humans.


Since 2010, I’ve been engaged in different youth movements, and I was able to secure funding for my social development projects. I led a team of 13 students to victory for developing a network of high school students connected to e-learning platforms for educational development. By the time I graduated high school in 2012, I managed to connect 3 high schools to wi-fi networks that made the open data available for every student in every classroom. More than 700 students benefited directly, and more than 1300 people impacted. When I was a freshmen in college, I had more that 23 recognitions for social impact from local and national organisations ( Thanks to social recognitions, I received the Resolution Project Fellowship and I was motivated to engage and to scale the impact. One of my successfully implemented projects that made an international impact is DigiKidz. DigiKidz is an ICT project designed to implement a sustainable model of IT Education and Computer Literacy for high school students. It focuses mainly on students who come from underprivileged families or orphanages in the Republic of Moldova. Till today, the project raised more than 5,000 $ in funding and 2,000 $ as pro bono services, obtained national media coverage and was featured in HuffingtonPost, 20 students became certified as digital ambassadors and received scholarships, and partnered with 2 local IT companies for career development. Recently, DigiKidz project became one among many other CGIU commitments at the Clinton Global Initiative University 2017.