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university of Burundi

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I am passionate about healthcare and building community in order to build a healthy society.. I organized medical campaigns in rural zones and key populations. Since our beginning, we have done 3 medical campaigns in upcountry and one in town. The campaign was focused on chronic diseases such diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. During the event, we go with a big team of medical students, doctors, and nurses and clinical psychologists. There is a group to screen, another to take care and the last to educate through exposes and counseling for those who are controlled positive to a disease. Everything is done in partnership with ministry of health. On medical campaigns done in Bujumbura, it was on international days of diabetes and kidneys where visit respectively military camp of muha and organizing conferences for transplantation and hemodialysis. We got success in all these campaigns. , I found healthcare social media Burundi and co-found healthcare social media Africa. It is a tweet chat and citizen driven-community which was created to promote sustainable e-health development. I took part in a tweet chat organized by healthcare social media south Africa as a speaker with experts such as: Doreen Bogdan-Martin (chief of strategy, ITU-International Telecommunication Union),Taryn springhall (eHealthNewsZA & eHealthLIVE), Prof Natalie Schellack (SASOCP & Sefako Makgatho University), Manish Sharma(HCITexperts India).the theme was :” access to ICT for sustainable health development in south Africa”.I co-host the first tweet chat of healthcare social media Africa held on December, 2016.the theme was:”the future of medical education using a digital platform”. We want to share the perspective about precision medical education in Africa. The discussions were around the sustainable development goals and how they intersect medical education (SDG3).Research findings be presented at the Stanford university medicine X/Ed.


My name is Egide HARAGIRIMANA. I am a general practitioner registrar. I am from Burundi which is a poor country. I have been raised in that poverty. Since my childhood, I dream to make other lives better. I began to work seriously for the community when I was in 4th year of medicine. I co-found three organizations: English medical center, youth in clear medical and healthcare social media Africa.
About English medical. My position is co-founder and senior manager. Burundi is a French country but we are surrounded by English speaking countries. We have integrated east African country. Unemployment was increasing and Burundians could not go to work in east African community ouring to the barrier of English. As I am in medical field, I target doctors and other healthcare professionals. I initiate this center to train medical students in professional language. As a manager, I coordinate all activities since implementation. With my team, I found a partnership with United States of America mission in Bujumbura. They begin to come in our teachings held in our campus. I study at university of Burundi but there are private universities. I began to expend our program to reach other students. I create with others branches of English medical center in four universities and two institutes. At the beginning, it was a kind of club where we could discuss topics. Our lectures used to come in the night with scientific topic to exercise themselves in English. After one year, I begin specific training of three months because there where students with small level and we deliver certificates. I coordinate all these activities in combination with my studies. From 2014 till now we have graduated 800 students in general English. In 2016, USA embassy gave us a grant in our project called” empower youth through English and computer skills program”. It become more famous, I recruit teachers for general English and I remain with English medical class.