Nelson Kwaje

Country representing

South Sudan




  • Technical University of Kenya
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Current organisation


Current role

Social Media Manager/ Prejudice Awarness and Hate Speech Mitigation Trainer

Skills and Expertise

Information technology
Product design
Social entrepreneurship
Web development

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about youth and transformation, with a focus on Africa as a whole and South Sudan in particular. I describe my work using three words (People, Technology & Transformation ). My day to day job is very diverse and engaging, as a Social Media Manage , I spend most of the time on my laptop corresponding with team members and coordinating project activities in over three countries. I am an ICT professional by training and my main skills are in Web development, computer networks, & digital media strategy, My Peacebuilding work is motivated by a desire to see change. As an Entrepreneur and a young person affected by conflict, I am uniquely placed at a position where I can relate to the needs of underprivileged youth and displaced people. I do understand the need for building a sustainable and a peaceful environment that will enable the youth to thrive and have a future. The below excerpt from the "FINAL REPORT OF THE AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ON SOUTH SUDAN" has made me rethink the role of the youth in South Sudan and commit to spending my time working on solutions that will educate and empower the young people in my country. "In the context of South Sudan, the youth provide a vital link between political/national conflict and community conflicts. The presence of a large pool of youth [reportedly more than 70% of the population] who are uneducated, unemployed and probably unemployable, armed and militarized not only creates insecurity at the local level, but also provides (in the context of the current conflict)an explanation as to why the conflict that started in Juba quickly spread to the states. This set of circumstances partly provides reason to believe that the current crisis was foreseeable, " Page 240 I view peace building work as a noble opportunity, not a burden.


-Defyhatenow Role: Social Media Manager I am currently the social media manager for #defyhatenow. #defyhatenow is an urgent community peacebuilding, training, and conflict reconciliation project aiming to strengthen the voices and support the actions of peace & youth-oriented civil society organizations in South Sudan. Read more here: -Peacebuilding through tech innovation bootcamp Role: Team Leader I led the WEB4ALL team in partnership with UNDP and UNESCO that organized the “Peacebuilding and Literacy through Tech Innovation Bootcamp” for sixteen students from the University of Juba. The boot camp focused on developing two mobile applications aiming at educating South Sudanese youth on the process of building a peaceful and literate nation and to encourage the culture of a peaceful co-existence. the outcome of this training was a mobile App (Peace App ) The App outlines the peacebuilding process with a focus on the role of an ordinary citizen (Mwatinin) in the national peacebuilding agenda, and the benefits of sharing peace and reconciliation messages. The practical steps offered in the App helps the user pursue an end to violence by making a personal commitment to the peacebuilding process in South Sudan teracy_through_tech_innovation_bootcamp/ -United States Institute of Peace Generation Change Fellow 2016-2018 The Generation Change Fellows Program partners with young leaders across the globe to foster collaboration, build resilience and strengthen capacity as they transform local communities. As per of GenChange program I work run several youth training workshop focused on .. -Conflict Management Skills -Leadership Development Skills -A Dynamic Community of Civic Leaders