Busayapa Srisompong

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  • Chulalongkorn University
  • Undergrad Degree

Current organisation

Suwannimit Foundation

Current role

Advocacy Coordinator

Skills and Expertise

Human rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I have helped to create positive change through working with Migrant Right Promotion Working Group (MRPWG) by identifying their challenges and solutions. For example, in the border area, there is discrimination against migrant workers despite low skills migrant labors are highly demanded, especially in Special Economic Zone. To overcome this challenge and create the positive environment in the diverse community, I work with the network group to design strategy to build capacity for migrant communities to avoid labor rights violation, raise awareness among business sector and government sector of how we could corporate for benefit of each side. The network group conducts several meetings with factories owners and recently we have better responds from them. I have also change the mentality of local authorities towards women victims and migrants. Case-by-case that I have to come across ignorant officers, I slowly influence them of how it is important to value ‘equity’ and sensitivity in Justice System when it comes to vulnerable cases. The law enforcer has been more aware and more cooperate with local NGO. This would help the pro bono legal organization to help more people and allow marginalized people to access to compensation. First and foremost, I have been reaching to communities and empowering women to be aware of Domestic Violence issues, to empower each other and to break the silence knowing that they have every rights to do so.