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Lucero Munoz

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Work

I am passionate about

What I am most passionate about in the world is to have the opportunity to learn from new experiences, regions, cultures, but above all from people. Having the opportunity and the ability to get close to people has allowed me to understand new points of view, to understand situations and mentalities different from mine each day. Without hesitation, this approach to the other is a fact of passion because my learning becomes flexible, unique and dynamic; As well as the opportunity to transmit this information to the other. I think this construction of knowledge is what allows to bring new ideas and solutions to the day-to-day situation and problems. I have always been interested in getting to know other people, understanding their problems and how they affront them. Getting to know how, as part of this society, they get related with EACH other and work together to solve issues. This way I have focused most of my interestS in social projects, volunteering in two non profit organizations who work with vulnerable population, working in an ONG, investigating and creating useful tools and contents that help parents protecting the well-being of their children. I thing is necessary to generate conscience about a change and spread it all around others, but most important is willing this change. I want each day to make real my ideas, being a social agent of change for who surround me. I’m sure that a not only the theory forms the master, also a daily practice will help me to learn and acquire the necessary abilities to generate a change, because you can be born as a leader, but also you can be form as one.


From an early age I have been surrounded by the social sector and NGOs. When I was about 14 years old I began to understand the importance of contributing to the country and helping others, thanks to an organization my mom created. Undoubtedly, what she created more than 10 years ago has been one of the components of the essence of the common thread that I am following in my personal and professional life. Now graduated as a psychologist, with experience in volunteering throughout my adolescence and as a social professional, I try to continue making strong steps to continue cultivating a critical, service and entrepreneurial experience. I have focused most of my interests in social projects, volunteering in two non profit organizations who work with vulnerable population: 1. Somos Capazes : teaching kids how to build peace by ludic games. 2. Fundación Catalina Muñoz: building prefabricated houses to people how has critical habitat living situation in the country. As well studying a postgrad in International Cooperation and Projects developments Management Diploma, which I believe will help me in my daily job and future projects. Currently, I seek to translate and adapt all this experience and information in my daily with the communities I work for, and my peers. Learning and teaching skills of leadership, entrepreneurship, and help to build projects that will benefit families and communities. Currently i´m working as the Social Director of the Catalina Muñoz Foundation, integrating proyects with vulnerable families, volunteers, and the sustainable development goals.