Jennifer Wronski

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  • Berlin School of Economics and Law
  • Bachelor Degree

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Reckitt Benckiser

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Senior Account Manager

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Project management

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Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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For the past two years I have been a leader of Lean In Circles at RB. This directly corresponds to one of my two greatest passions. As a leader of Lean in Circles I have had to learn on how to best talk and explain the ideas behind gender equality and why it should matter to all, not only to women. Along with a colleague of mine we developed the 3 As approach; Awareness, Acknowledge, Action. The first six months were mostly focused on spreading awareness of what gender equality is and debunking all the myths and misconceptions that often surround it. It was about providing facts and data that supported the idea that gender equality is an issue that should matter to all, and not the few. A lot of work in the form of circles and private conversations around the organization took place for people to acknowledge that it is an issue and what actions can be taken to start changing the current trajectory and to challenge the status quo. Two years ago it was difficult to get 5-6 women to a Lean in Circle of their own accord to today when over 20 women have attended the last circle. We will also be opening the circles up to men and will continue running workshops that are open to all. Progress is slow but it is happening and the most rewarding thing to me personally is to see how people's attitude toward the topic is changing without necessarily them even realizing it. Lean in ties back to education element and the fact that knowledge is power and if we equip society with the facts so that individuals can make up their own minds of where they stand on certain issues and react accordingly to their beliefs that have been thought through and reflected upon, and not merely passed on by their surroundings.