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Voluntary Researcher

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Human rights
International relations

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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PRESENT: I am voluntarily engaging with organisations working on prominent issues across South East Asia.

I spent 2013 visiting 56 projects in 7 countries including but not limited to India, Nepal, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and Brazil, in which time I visited organisations dealing with the following:

Human trafficking, Aquaponics, waste management, the west bank, women's rights, rural development, education, healthcare, religion, kibbutzim, Bedouin communities in Israel, refugees, biogas, water management, leadership orgs, security, Albinism, disaster relief, orphanages, foundations, philanthropy, anti-corruption, hub networks, venture capitalist investment groups and more including visiting various slums.


In the past I have worked in UK Parliament; Co-founded a nationally award-winning youth philanthropic charity; worked in digital advertising; worked for Thomson Reuters managing logistics behind live news globally; worked as an architectural head hunter; worked on online startups; given speeches on charity and motivational themes; Sung solos in front of upto 700 people in a band and spent a large majority of my life in and around the third sector - to date working/volunteering or fundraising for 17 different issues (not included in the projects funded by charity I co-founded).

I have travelled extensively to Asia, The Middle East, Australasia, Africa, North America and Europe.


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If you have any further queries you'd like to ask to help you make up your decision regarding sponsorship please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

As a returning Ambassador, the cost is significantly cheaper