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H L Ananda Piyankara

Kelley School of Business, USA
Financial Services
Investment / Venture Capital

I am passionate about

I am focused on creating a global marketplace to connect producers with buyers to trade commodity efficiently and risk-free. I believe that opening the international market to producers will have a significant impact on those involved. I am currently working on building the technology and process, and I am planning on creating partnerships with countries to achieve the best economies of scale. (proposed company: Ant Commodity)


Sri Lanka is a Third World country, but I was lucky to be able to attend one of the country’s most prestigious high schools. I got the opportunity to travel to many Sri Lankan villages, which taught me about the poor educational standards in their schools. With help from my twin brothers, I did my first-ever community project by giving exercise projects to schoolchildren.

In 2008, because of the U.S. financial crisis, many rubber end-product manufacturing companies shut down their operations. This caused many plantations that supplied raw materials to these companies to lay off their workers. However, I donated a machine to one plantation that allowed them to develop their product to the next level and export it. This saved 100 families from unemployment. I count this is the proudest achievement of my business career.