Karuna Rana

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United Nations Environment Programme

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<p>Youth Editor (Global Environment Outlook 5)</p>

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Interfaith Dialogue

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I am passionate about

Humanity and positive change, for at no time in history has the opportunity for change been as possible and necessary. Working towards these passions have now become one of my life goals.

My leadership roles and past experiences have made me specifically passionate about sustainability, youth leadership and education for sustainable development (ESD).

  • Sustainability because coping with an increasing global human population, lack of social equity, and unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, all narrows down to sustainable development, attaining which is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Small island states like Mauritius are particularly vulnerable with our survival at stake.
  • ESD because achieving sustainability will require well-informed citizens and a drastic behavioral change, the latter being more difficult to achieve and yet more feasible when started from a young age.
  • Youth leadership because my interaction with thousands of young changemakers globally have proved to me that young people are certainly not apathetic to their future and are stepping forward for positive change where our world leaders have failed to do so.

I firmly believe that attaining global sustainability, similar to any pressing challenge facing humanity, requires bold efforts from Governments, businesses and individuals – all working together. “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!” – This appalling reality stated by Napolean is what drives me towards my passions.


Over the past few years, I have translated my passions into substantial projects ranging from grassroots actions, activism, journalism and social entrepreneurship, both locally and internationally. My community-based paper re-use project was runner-up of the Youth Excellence Award in Mauritius. Similarly, my leadership roles such as the Tunza Youth Advisor (Africa Region) to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Ambassador Leader for Environment to One Young World have enabled me to work on a number of regional and global projects, and passionately speak on behalf on global youth at several high-level conferences. I'm currently also involved with different youth networks and organisations on projects/campaigns related to Rio+20, for example the UNEP Youth Steering Committee on Rio+20.

Some of my key ongoing projects include:

  1. Wake Up Call Mauritius (Founder and Coordinator): What started as a mere Mauritian chapter of the new global movement ‘Wake Up Call’, is now a full-fledged sustainability youth movement. Its challenging appeal to the Government of Mauritius, to have active youth participation in sustainable development and decision-making processes pertaining to it, for instance the Rio+20 Summit, was accepted. Current and forthcoming activities include an educational/sustainability tour of colleges and Mauritius+20 (a simulation of the actual Rio+20 Summit with youth in Mauritius).
  2. Speak Your Mind (Contributor – COP17 and Rio+20 team): A cross format publication, run by young emerging journalists, dedicated to working on communications that aids advocacy, both through its online platform and through syndicated media. It provides in-depth coverage of environmental negotiations such as the COP meetings and Rio+20 Summit. Speak Your Mind was also recipient of  the 2012 WWF Earth Hour ‘Eco Blogger’ Award.