Cecily Liu

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New Zealand




  • University College London
  • BA English Literature
  • Passed CFA Level II exam

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China Daily

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Climate change
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Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about social integration. In our highly globalised world, open and sincere communication across different countries, ethnicities and social groups is critical to creating harmonious societies. I have lived most of my life as a migrant, having moved from China to New Zealand at the age of 12, and again to England at 18. With each move, I initially felt scared and confused, but soon I learnt that people in foreign lands were keen to welcome me if I opened my heart to them while remaining true to my own unique self. Over the years, many kind friends, teachers and neighbours have helped me to find new homes abroad, and now I live life with confidence, determination and a big smile. I wish to do the same for others, to help those arriving into our society from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, or who are living at the margins of our society. I am also passionate about environmental protection and sustainable development. Having witnessed first-hand the severe pollution that has escalated in my birth country, China, over the past two decades, I know that we are pressed for time to address environmental issues, and I feel compelled to contribute toward mitigation efforts. I am particularly passionate about green finance, a new and ambitious concept that has gained prominence in the years following the 2008 financial crisis. By realigning financial incentives, green finance frameworks can help to channel large-scale funding into long-term clean energy projects. As a journalist, I have conducted in-depth research and written extensively about this topic, based on interviews with opinion leaders at the Bank of England, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the G20 Green Finance Study Group. I hope that my journalism work will help green finance gain the acceptance and momentum it needs to become a game-changer in global discussions of climate change.


My current journalism work helps me to foster cross-cultural understanding and social integration through the fair and objective dissemination of information, ranging from politics and business to education and social issues. In addition to my paid job, volunteering is a big part of my life. During my university years, I volunteered for Dimsum, a London-based Chinese community website that helped the UK’s Chinese migrant community to gain a voice within mainstream society. As a volunteer journalist at Dimsum, I wrote about various diaspora issues, including the regulation of Chinese herbal medicine in the West and migrant children’s search for identity. (Dimsum closed in 2012, but the site was archived for preservation by the British Library.) I currently volunteer for Music of Life Foundation, a London-based charity that offers music lessons to disabled and special needs children, and in the process, helps them to become confident members of society. Over the past three years, I have organised a team of 15 runners to participate in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, fundraising for the charity. Last year, our team collectively raised £8,844.72. I have also volunteered as a student ambassador for my university UCL’s Widening Participation Program, which engages high school students from less privileged families in Saturday interactive classroom activities. I also volunteered as a homework club assistant at the Paddington Children’s Library, helping children who were non-native English speakers to integrate academically and socially at school. Finally, my passion for environmental protection led me to undertake an ecological project in Australia’s Blue Mountains in 2009, where I worked as part of a team to plant trees, make animal cages and educate local farmers about sustainability.