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Project Chirag

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<p>Global Ambassador</p>

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I'm a very ambitious individual who believes in there being no barriers for people who want to achieve things in life. Be it just scoring a high grade in class or as big as building your own business empire. It all depends on your vision and dedication. A successful individual is the one who also develops the world around him and helps others succeed at the same time. I believe that to make someone understand and learn, you do not need to use force or use harshness; it's the smile and understanding that'll do the work for you. To create opportunities, you don't need money; you need the thought, the idea!

I'm quite passionate about:

a) Rural Development - Trying to help the slightly underprivileged individuals to live a better life and

b) Dignity: How we the Youth of today can help people in the world around them live a conten and satisfied life without looking down or degrading others through actions or thoughts.


1. Project Chirag: Project Chirag is an initiative to provide solar lighting to rural households having no access to electricity. One fixed and one portable solar powered light is provided to the targeted households catering to both indoor and outdoor lighting requirements, thus providing the beneficiaries with a safe & clean source of light beyond sunset. Our unique approach includes Involving the youth – Students of various schools & universities are involved in the grass root level execution of Project Chirag. The students participate in all phases of the project and are thus provided with a platform for experiential learning through their exposure to the needs of rural India. And we also involve the differently abled – Differently abled communities have formed an essential element of the project’s value chain in the service and maintenance of the solar equipment installed.

2. Ahaan - Rays of Light It's a humanitarian and Dignity based project. The purpose of the project is to reach out to the underprivileged section of India's society and making them feel wanted. In this project, students from various colleges in Mumbai initially and then from across India will visit orphanages, old age homes, woman empowerment cells as well as blind schools - In this way make them feel like family. On one side this will keep the spirit in the hearts of young students alive and on the other side, it will make numerous people that need a hand to hold, feel at home. This project will be held weekly on every Saturday and the reach will be expanded over time.