Shalini Weerasooriya

Country representing

Sri Lanka




  • Univeristy of Sheffield
  • MPH (Masters in Public Health)

Current organisation

Reckitt Bencksier (RB)

Current role

Associate Manager - Regulatory Policy and Growth Opportunities

Skills and Expertise

Project management
Public policy
Strategic planning

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

Website & Social Links

I am passionate about

I consider myself a socially-minded individual with a passion for science and education. Through my educational and professional qualifications, I have been privileged to merge the two and have developed an affinity in studying and practicing health policy. Understanding human behaviour and its interactions with other elements such as culture, economy and nature, and how that contributes to functioning societies is something that fascinates me. I am driven by knowing the why’s and how’s of things and I have a passion for sharing information and encouraging this in others, be it through interactions at work or in wider community settings, shared learnings, mentoring and coaching. I believe that informing, educating and empowering individuals on critical areas such as health forms a crucial foundation in society. I have great respect and admiration and draw inspiration from community health workers that facilitate these activities in the field whatever the circumstance may be. Right to education, no matter your age, background, or circumstances, is something I strongly believe in. I believe that having a basic education helps an individual discover themselves – their personality, future, interests. Denying a person an education is denying them their identity. I like to engage with my passion for creativity as a way to express myself through creative writing, poetry, music and sketches. I consider myself an 'ambivert' – where professional circumstances dictate the need for extroverted interactions and communication of ideas I adopt this nature; however outside of work, I like my ‘quiet’ time to reflect on more philosophical aspects of life and society and express my interpretations and ideas on this through the various mediums mentioned above.


I have been brought up with values that encourage philanthropy and charity, helping the less fortunate with food, medicines and funding for housing and other essentials. I have provided support, community engagement and education programmes, volunteering at children’s and elder’s homes and community soup kitchens. I am volunteering in a local charity in Hull as a mentor for children and young persons with alcohol and substance abuse. I am also co-leading a project within my company that is looking to reduce incidence of severe neonatal jaundice in Vietnam. I strongly advocate for the slogan ‘power of a smile’, and believe that a simple act of kindness or a single smile can make a difference in a person’s life, because it has done so for me.