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  • Kennesaw State University
  • Bacherlors Degree in Psychology and Statistics Minor

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The Biz Nation

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Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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In order for you to understand the impact that I have been able to create during the last 14 years I want to share with you a little bit about myself. I am a young Colombian entrepreneur, author, trainer, motivational speaker. I started doing business with my sisters with $15 when I was 8 years old and founded Chococar, a home-based chocolate company. 3 years after, I grew my business and expanded it to different cities in Colombia. When I was 10 years old, I gave my first lecture in a private university and started my career as motivational speaker. I discovered a strong passion for fostering entrepreneurial spirit in young people and energizing individuals to achieve their best potential. Today, I have been able to impact parents through my training programs as well as my book. At age 14, I published Parents and Coaches along with my sisters. With the book I aim to close the entrepreneurial education gap by providing parents with an effective model of entrepreneurship education at home. We have been able to educate and impact more than 500,000 individuals including corporations, students, parents and entrepreneurs in almost every country of LATAM with our message of success, leadership and entrepreneurship. A few years ago we decided to change our focus to youth and created The Biz Nation. We came up with a scalable way that allows us to reach more people faster and more effectively through the use of technology. On the other hand, I lead a non-profit organization called FundaciĆ³n Yo Emprendo. This non-profit supports parents of vulnerable communities in Bolivar, Colombia by giving them hope, motivation and providing them with education, tools and resources to create their own business. We have worked with more than 160 low-income families and over 400 teen moms, ex guerrilla members and victims of natural disasters. Yo Emprendo projects have been replicated in other towns of our state and their results are helping hundreds of families permanently.