Mduduzi Blessed Langwenya

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Colby College

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I am interested in Economics, Politics, and Development. The process of empowerment comes with education, personal initiative, and the questioning of deeply held beliefs in order to allow compromise. Having an underprivileged childhood gave me the ability to always make good out of what I readily have. Therefore, I believe, whether in peace or poverty, that we already have in our hands the tools we need. It all comes through taking initiative, compromise but making sure that our actions impact on the long term. It is on this point that I am studying economics and international relations to get the skill that will inform and transform my idealism into reality in the long run.


I have done project weeks in: Abu Dhabi - conducted some workshops where we were encouraging student initiated and led programs. This was conducted through community mapping exercises which revealed unknown opportunities to students. Forli, Emillia Romagn