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I am passionate about the environment, global climate change and the Polar Regions. Indeed, my teammate Doug Stoup and I suffered the effects of climate change as they almost spelt death for us during our expedition to the Geographic North Pole. I believe that in the absence of a global, binding agreement on emissions it will be up to leading companies and young people to drive global change in corporate behaviour and public opinion, particularly through the use of social media. The polar regions are a barometer of global environmental health, and the changes that are taking place there today create a real impact on our planet. Young people are being inundated with contradictory information from schools, peers and the media about environmental issues. Although we saw major public-facing campaigns (UN Seal the Deal and Hopenhagen) in the lead up to Copenhagen, a major youth campaign was noticeable by its absence. The youth have not, until now, been given a legitimate platform to make their voices heard or the tools to make a difference. By showing the environmental changes in the Arctic and conducting legitimate and groundbreaking scientific research on my expeditions, I (and The Last Degree) aim to rally young people around a call to action for governments to impose strong and binding legislation to make progress on solving the climate change crisis.


In March 2009, I embarked on an expedition to Antarctica. On this expedition, I witnessed the effects of climate change on the Antarctic coast and ice sheet, and its biodiversity. Inspired and by the Polar Regions, I came back with a responsibility to act