Vivienne Koch

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  • University of Applied Sciences - Karlsruhe
  • Bachelor of Arts

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Technical Communication Engineer

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Graphic design
Social media
Women’s rights

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Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

As a woman myself I am eager to fight challenges holding women back professionally. Why are there so few women in management positions or in technical sectors? We face problems such as balancing family and society`s expectations on the one hand and work and professional goals on the other hand. We are the minority in the mainly male dominated technical sector, trying to adapt to the environment`s expectations, but still standing up for our own minds. Speaking up about these issues is comparatively easy for us in Europe, but other countries need improvement and support. Another thing I am passion-ate about is the environment. If every single person would start changing their behaviours little by little, we could change so much regarding our current climate change situation. We should never forget the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in every area of our lives in order to save our planet. I do have ideas about changes in our company and our department, e.g. replacing typical print documents by mobile documents. This would already be a huge step forward.


I have started working with my company in November 2016, so I am relatively new in my environment. One thing that I am passionate about and that will create a new change in our company is the project "Generation B". This group of young, fresh minded colleagues is the representation of the next generation of Bühler. We really want to shape the company`s future by participating actively in its plans and implement topics in our everyday life that seem to have little to do with it at first sight. The basic idea of Generation B is to create a place, where members connect, discuss new ideas and inspire each other. The larger we become, the greater our responsibility and influence to impact our colleagues, departments, the company. This project is not only about Switzerland - it is an international initiative!