Jodie Madden

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Jodie Madden

Cardiff University, Wales

I am passionate about

I am passionate about immigration bettering the planet and the world stepping up to help displaced people realize their potential. I have been lucky enough to spend time in refugee camps in Greece where I met many of the most talented young people I have ever come across - true global citizens. If companies and individuals stand up and work together to create innovative education and tech-based solutions that enable these young people to shine, we will prevent a lost generation and better our world.


I try to bring the causes i am passionate about into my day job, creating win-win-wins for the company, customer and cause. This year I've launched rewards that empower Western Union customers to donate their loyalty points to key causes across the globe including the education of refugee children. I am also the overall refugee communications lead for Western Union, leveraging the company's voice and reach to shape the global conversation and challenge misconceptions.
In my spare time at home in Denver i volunteer at local low income housing running dance and cooking classes - although i think the kids there actually teach me more than i teach them!