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Santiago I. Vega

Universidad de Costa Rica - Universidad Estatal a Distancia

I am passionate about

I'm passionate about new technologies, global-future issues and how we can design results for a more sustainable development.

I love meeting people from all around the World, as well as reading about history and ethnology: this gives me always a perspective that -even when we think we are all very different-, if we know ourselves and our past, we can realise there is no difference at all.

I want to learn more about people, and how we think, what we consider our problems are, and therefore how can we innovate to resolve them.


I consider myself as a 'Latin Americanist'; I have travel throughout almost all the Continent and have been in contact with people from the most diverse -yet complementary- backgrounds. From speaking and sharing with native populations in Peru, to interning at the most prestigious Consulting Firm in Mexico, my life has been a constant quest for understanding how to integrate ideas and to trigger development in Latin America.

I then gathered all this information and helped to co-found a NGO for helping Latin American Youth in feeling empowered towards their local legislators, seeking active participation in policy making, and more importantly: promoting awareness so everybody feels they belong to our society and economy.

I have facilitated and prepared workshops and conferences in North, Central and South America, on topics such as Citizenship participation, Climate Change awareness, Youth Empowerment, Meditation, New Economic Trends, among others. I have helped to impact the life of hundreds of young people in more the Countries I have worked at: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru