Carlos Andrés Pérez Garzón

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  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Abogado Grado de Honor (LL.B. Summa Cum Laude)

Skills and Expertise

Copy editing
Teaching and training

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

How can we achieve social justice in the world through Law? As a graduate teaching assistant, lawyer, researcher, editor, and activist, this is the question I am most passionate about and that guide all the projects I am engaged with to materialize it. As a young person who was directly affected by the Colombian armed conflict, but also who has been favored by a lovely family, friends, teachers, and the State (through public education and subsidies in healthcare, education, and housing) to overcome the effects of my forced displacement by some paramilitary groups, I feel very motivated to work for peace, but through the promotion of social justice, because a more peaceful Colombia can be achieved only by dealing with political, social, and economic marginalization and lack of equal opportunities. From a global perspective, I support the idea that we, young leaders, must work to find a sustainable way through which all States can supply the people with a certain level of material means to realize their life plans, without violating their human dignity and the Rule of Law, a mistake often made by communist or contemporary socialist-authoritarian regimes that, for example, are eager to provide food and free housing, but tend to restrict freedom of expression, thought, etc.


Creating and diffusing knowledge, case-based teaching, protecting human rights, and promoting social justice, are the ways I have helped to create a positive change in my community, organizations and country. First, as a member of one of the best research groups in the country, I have been researching for some years on how Law can be used to achieve social justice and how society can contribute to this purpose; actually, the first findings will be published soon in foreign and national peer-reviewed publications. Also, in order to engage other undergraduate students with knowledge creation and its diffusion, I founded "Revista Justicia y Derecho" in 2013, the first indexed undergraduate law journal in my Department and Southern Colombia, through which several generations of prospective Colombian professionals have learnt that legal research can be a useful tool to overcome the problems our society has. Second, as a graduate teaching assistant of the course Constitutional Theory at Universidad Nacional Law School, I have tried to lecture in a way that college students think about possible solutions to problems several States are facing in the world right now in promoting social justice, democracy, human rights, etc. In this way, I contribute by changing the traditional legal education in Colombia, limited to a national and theoretical scope. Finally, both as an intern at and Amicus Curiae before the Colombian Constitutional Court, and an intern in the Environmental Law team at Brigard & Urrutia Abogados (one of the most prestigious Law firms in Latin America), I have stood up for the protection of fundamental rights, the Social Rule of Law, and the environment.