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George Darrah

University of Oxford

I am passionate about

Helping those with limited access to opportunity develop aspiration. I'm passionate about this because I grew up in rural Norfolk in the UK, in an area with good access to an academic education, but with limited exposure to role models who had taken that education to new places, and who clearly conveyed the strong sense of self-belief key to their story.


Aspiration starts with belief that opportunities do exist, and that those opportunities can be achieved. The first step is therefore creating those opportunities. I've decided to start taking action (alongside the day job!). Currently I’m focusing on two things: seaweed cultivation near rural communities in the UK and deploying solar lighting systems in schools in Kenya.

I am working to develop a business model that leverages the technological advances being made in seaweed cultivation, to bring a commercial activity to the UK that is widely practiced elsewhere. The business will seek to be both socially transformative and ecologically restorative.

Secondly, introducing tested technology into new environments. I am working with a group to test a solar system that provides lighting both during the day and for some time after, linking together battery technology and in-house real time analytics capability. The system is designed to fit into the school curriculum and provide real time learning in renewable energy.