Daniela Villegas

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  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Social Communicator
  • Master's Degree in Marketing

Current organisation

AB InBev

Current role

Stella Artois Brand Manager

Skills and Expertise

LGBT rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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I am passionate about

As a brand manager of the biggest consumer packaged goods company in the world I always feel encouraged to leave a mark not only with my daily job but trying to make things better for those who are not having a good time regarding their sexual orientation or diverse gender identity. That said, I'm passionate about my job as a marketer because through it, I become a change agent by exploring my own creativity and getting tools to approach with better and more creative ideas a big challenge that we have right now in Colombia regarding the LGBT+ community. I'm also a photographer, not a professional one, but I think that in this fast paced world we can be whatever we want without needing a diploma. We just have to make things with passion and love, then we'll see amazing results. I always love to take pictures of my daily adventures no matter where I am, for me, photography is the only time machine that we humans have right now, it allows us to get in the most incredible trip without having to take a car, plane or boat.


Seeing how difficult the situation was and still is for many young members of the LGBT+ community in Colombia, made me realize that I could be a change agent. The way in which I decided to achieve that was by opening my own NGO that is called It Gets Better Colombia, where we help empower LGBT+ youth with inspiring messages that are widespread through social media and by providing free psychological assessment. What I try every day is to replicate all the key learnings from my NGO within my company, AB InBev, making it more inclusive, diverse and open to whoever wants to make a professional career in the company regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or any other unconscious bias.