Carolina Garcia

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  • Los Andes University
  • 4.44/5

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AB InBev

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Sustainability Lead

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Climate change

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Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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Probably the most important class I took while I was studying law was International Environmental Law. It was just after the climate meeting in Copenhagen failed miserably. Yet, despite that failure, and in the midst of international pessimism, it highlighted the need for a strong international governance framework. Since then, my passion for international environmental law has flourished unhindered. Now I have the fortune to teach this class at the university! When I finished Law school I began writing about the environment. The opportunity to work at la Silla Vacía, an independent news website, arose. I traveled around the country and witnessed how abundant and vulnerable our biological diversity is. After the journalism adventure I joined the Center for Sustainable Development. There I translated Pavan Sukhdev’s book Corporation 2020 and Lester Brown´s book The Great Transition from English to Spanish. There I realized the important role the private sector needs to play in delivering change. After that, I joined WWF to work first in communications and later in policy and advocacy. I worked during 4 years at the international climate negotiations as a member of WWF’s international delegation for COP20, COP21 and COP22 and in the design of its policy strategy. At a national level, I have supported the government in the dissemination of its Nationally Determined Contribution. I have focused on disseminating and raising climate change awareness and capacity building with key stakeholders. I wrote two climate change books that have been distributed in key media in Colombia and in multiple spaces. A couple of months ago I decided to take a new challenge: getting to know the private sector and implementing sustainability strategies from within. I became Sustainability Lead for ABInBev, the largest brewery in the world and one of the major water consumers in Colombia. Having the perspective of the private sector, has widened my knowledge and competences.