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Zaid Al Rayes

American University of Sharjah

I am passionate about

<p>As we all know, some Arab countries made a revolution on their rollers because of the bad way they controlled the country. As a result, my concern issue is the way that all the world countries in general and the Middle East countries in special that suffer from dictatorial governments, can reach to their freedom and to live in a democratic country that respect all the people and achieve justice. I think if the people live in a democratic country, they can build a successful society that has a good economic, good education and modern social services but living in a dictatorial country leads to unstable society and therefore to violence. Nowadays many countries and most of the Arab countries live under dictatorial systems that cause us to stay in the "third world" and prevent the societies from rising up and developing their countries. I think this issue is a global issue that needs researches and solutions because if we find a solution, we will be able to rise up again and to be in the "first world." As the Syrian Revolution started, I became a member in the "Revolution Cooperation Committee" to help the Syrian Youth to get their freedom.</p>


<p>Volunteer in the campaign ''Better Life Free of Smoking'', General Head Quarters Armed Forces. 2- A delegate in the ''Recycling Used Papers Project'', the Environment Friends Society. 3- Organizer in the Young Entrepreneur Competition organized by Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development 4- A president of the Arabian Leopard Newspaper in AUS. 5- Public relation for the Student Residential Life Association 6- Active member in the American Society for Mechanical Engineering "ASME" 7- participated in the "Fifth Arab Youth Forum"Alexandria-2010 ''which was organized by Alexandria Library'' on behalf of Syrian Youth. 8- Participated in the Youth Caf� Meeting ''Beirut-2009'' which was organized by the Arab Thought Foundation ''On Behalf of Syrian Youth''. 9- A volunteer in the Anti Smoke Unit, A lecturer. 10- A volunteer in the Red Crescent for UAE, Awarded for the effort in working with Anti Smoke Unit. 11- Participated in the Youth Caf� Meeting &amp; Fikr9 conference ''Beirut-2010'' which was organized by the Arab Thought Foundation ''On Behalf of Syrian Youth''. 12- A competitor and representative of AUS team in the DBF "Design-Build-Fly" competition in AIAA location- Tucson- America. 13- A participant in ''Step or khotwa program'' on Abu Dhabi Channel for 3 times on behalf of UAE's Youth. 14- A participant in the ''International Day for Anti Smoking'' on MBC Channel in 2009. 15- An organizer for "Fikr10" conference which will be hel in Dubai 5-7 December 2011. - On December 2010, I was chosen as the Ambassador for Arab Youth in UAE. This honor and volunteering position is considered as a great achievement and responsibility because I represent the Arab Youth in UAE in front of the foundation and in front of the world as well.</p>