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  • Executive Certificate Climate Change Science and Solutions, MIT, 2016 • Certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management UC Berkeley, 2014 • MS, Environmental Management & Auditing, Universidad de Leon, Spain, 2011 • BA Journalism and Political Science

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Value Sustainability

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Founder and Program Director

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Climate change
Community management
Project management
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Sustainable Development

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As a United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (UN SDSN) Pathway fellow and consultant, I am passionate about sustainability and making difference in my community. My field of expertise is in climate change, sustainable development and clean energy technology consulting where we bridge science and policy with project design & implementation for public and private sector clients. In my community, I am one of the sustainability/climate change professionals who are climate change activists and policy change advocates. I believe the private sector plays a major role in leading the change we want to see in "business as usual", and organized and empowered communities can influence policy makers to adopt a better and sustainable framework for development. I have worked internationally and nationally for various sectors/clients - public agencies (Los Angeles Metro, Port of Long Beach, Metro Santiago), International Organizations (United Nations, USAID), private sector (KPMG, BHB Billiton, Jacobs Engineering, SKM) and think tanks (Ecologic Institute, The German Marshall Fund of United States, Atlantic Council, OCP Policy Center) – combined with my global mind set, personality & communication skills, puts me in a great position to make a difference locally and globally. What I constantly bring to my community and clients is – concrete project based perspective to climate change challenges & solution, different global point of view of social aspects of climate change (inclusion, justice, equity) and the understanding of local & global climate policies & guidelines. In addition, globally we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global community, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society!