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Benson Saulo

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<p>I am passionate about youth leadership and promoting the positive impact young people can have on their communities, nations and the world. I believe that role models play a major role in young lives and we need more role models throughout our communities to offer guidance and support to young leaders. In my current role I have seen a lot of positive grass roots initiatives but I have also see the lack of support at the national level, I believe that change needs to be supported at the national level and partnerships between government, private and civil society needs to be promoted and established. I believe young people have the vision of how this can be formed and driven across industries but I also believe we understand the importance of positive engagement rather than a one size fits all approach.</p>


<p>As the 2011 Australian Youth Ambassador to the United Nations I have been travelling Australia engaging young people to better understand what drives them and what we as young people are passionate about. I am currently representing young Australians at the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. I am the first Aboriginal Australian to hold this position, it is a great responsibility but I feel it reflects our drive for an inclusive/equal Australia. I am able to speak on behalf of Australia during negotiations of resolutions and have been actively contributing to the resolutions on the Rights of the Child and the Youth Participation resolution which focused on the Financial and Economic Crisis impact on Young People. Following my time in New York I will be return to Australia to report back on the UN process and make recommendations to our Government on youth engagement and building capacity in Australian youth.</p>